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This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Our LED business focuses on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of LED-based lighting product portfolios.

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With our unrivaled competitive advantage in vertical integration and automation, and abundant experience of OEM/ODM system management, we, the Sunrex Corporation, branched out into the LED lighting market back in 2009. Our LED business focuses on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of LED-based lighting product portfolios, providing our customers with high-performance yet low-cost LED lighting products.

At the Lighting Business department of the Sunrex Corporation, our experienced development, production, and management teams, combined with advanced production and inspection facilities, work hard to provide one-stop services and solutions. We actively engage in the development of AC-driven lighting applications by closely following the trend for the development of cutting-edge photovoltaic technology. In addition, we have been certified with TS16949. All these allow us to commit ourselves to the provision of various safe, environmentally-friendly, and energy-efficient LED lighting products, including outdoor, indoor, and vehicle lighting products.

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