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This Solution offers a mechanical engineering service.
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Shape Prototype provides lean prototyping development service aims to work towards functional prototype from the start. Including EE and Housing parts

About this Solution:

About us:

Shape Prototype is a product manufacturing team that is dedicated to providing product manufacturing solution for hardware startups and small businesses. Based in and around Shenzhen and Dongguan areas in China - the capital of electronics and molds in the world, with extensive resource and connections in the industry, we have delivered world class parts and services to the companies worldwide.

Our team recognized that nowadays more and more innovative hardware startups and small businesses are driving to create game-changing products. As a factory owner we are aware that by the time the manufactured parts reached to you, they have passed through several contractors, the prices have been increased several times and regrettably, puts a financial strain on the early days of a startup. Simply put, the only way to get a part charged fairly is by cutting out the intermediary and contractors. And we believe this is how small business and startups should be treated.

What is Lean Prototyping?

Lean Prototyping - aims to get the working prototype from the start and gets to work with manufacturer directly to save the time in the product development process.

A prototype is ready when it can be manufactured. Time is the key to a startup business. Designed with the right components, having the prototype tested among the target audience faster and easier would be a winning factor for your products.

The prototyping process is sectioned into two developing phases -

A. The Electronics-


1. Create the printed circuit board (PCB) layout

2. Electronics fabrication

3. Testing

B. The Housings (Plastics / Metal)


1. 3D printing | CNC Machining | Casting

2. Assembly

3. Prototype Testing


How It Works?

Shape Prototype provides prototyping solutions for startups without quantity limitations. All we require is the FUNCTIONING REQUIREMENTS for your products, the ID for your design. We work on the first functional prototype for your creation.

What Is the Lead Time?

The lead time would be 4-6 weeks depends on the complexity of the products.

What Is the Cost?

The cost is based on the nature of the products. Each project is unique. We customize prototyping solution for individual products.

What is your IP protection Policy?

Shape Prototype is simply a manufacturing service provider without producing own goods. We respect each project and insist the have the NDA signed before discussing any project details.

For our NDA please visit ''contact us''

For more info about us and the solutions please email at

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Certifications Acquired:

  • SGS

Potential Applications:

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  • BLE Products
  • Wearables
  • Medical devices
  • Smart home devices

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Proof of concept
  • Working prototype
  • Improving electronic board
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Wearables
  • Industrial Applications
  • Sports Devices
  • Audio & Video Devices
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Tech Accessories
  • Auto Applications
  • Health Devices
  • Science Gadgets
  • Everything functional

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Founder at Shape Prototype Inc.
Shape Prototype is a product manufacturing team that is dedicated to providing product manufacturing solution for hardware startups and small businesses. Based in and around Shenzhen and Dongguan ...
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