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Joybien - Bluetooth 4.0 LE Platform Solution

by from Joybien Technologies

This Solution is a hardware module.
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Experienced hardware and software service to provide custom bluetooth solutions for any need you have.

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At Joybien we specialize in building bluetooth functionality for almost any product you could imagine. This service includes both hardware and software sides, delivering solutions which are ready to go.




Please let us know if you need any further features for the Bluetooth Smart Appcessory

We will perfect your needs so to provideyou the best overall solution.

If you have any question, you also can use HWTrek Q&A to contact us. Thanks.

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CEO at Joybien Technologies
About Joybien:Joybien is focusing on bringing the latest Bluetooth 4.0 LE (a.k.a. BLE) appcessory platform solution with BT4.0 Module Hardware & Firmware along with iOS and Android App software with ...
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