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We develop our own proprietary algorithm,have exclusively outstanding specifications at FAR, FRR, with high speed of iris biometric identification

About this Solution:

As an important organ of the eye,Iris is unique because of its complex and random pattern. It keeps stable in one’s life. Iris recognition is a form of biometric authentication,identifing the pepole though comparing the iris pattern . It turns to be the most accurate and fastest in all the biometrics technologies.


Hongshi Technologies is the leading provider of iris recognition technology.With the cutting edge R&D,the company keep standing at the fore front of iris biometrics industry.

Patented algorithm

_We develop our own independent and patented algorithm.

_We have exclusively outstanding specifications at FAR,FRR,RRE, with the highest speed of iris biometric identification.

_Live-tissue verification technique anti-spoof

First iris chip

Hongshi Technologies launched the first iris chip in 2014,which was built-in the patented algorithm.The chip provided a accurate,fast,secure and cost-effective solutions to individual identification.And it provides the integrator a simple way to develop a secure products or integrate into the existing system.


The only iris recognition chip provider in the world

Iris recognition equipment supplier

Iris recognition solutions provider

Leader of iris recognition technology in China

What is iris recognition technology


Iris is the circular ting part locates between black pupil and white sclera , it contains a lot of overlapping spots, filaments ,cornoary , stripes ,such detial features.By comparing the similarity between the iris image characteristics , iris recognition technology can be used to determine people's identity .its core technology is to use pattern recognition,image processing to describe,match and classify iris characteristics ,so as to realize automatic identity identification.

Iris recognition is one of the most secure and reliable biometric identification


Advantages of iris recognition


Development Milestones




Company Superiority


Software Solution


Hardware Solution


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Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Law enforcement

Prison is an important part of judicial organizations. Law enforcement work in prison is directly connected with long-term stability of a country. Door access control is especially crucial to the whole prison control system. With the development of information technology, the information management in prison has improved a lot. However, at the side of door access control and security check, traditional authentication methods such as ID card, IC card and fingerprints are still used. On one side, these traditional authentication methods are limited by outside condition and self-weakness, causing much inconvenience to prison management. On the other hand, these traditional authentication methods have quite low security level, bring unavoidable safety risk and thereat to the management in prison.

Requirements Analysis
The strategy of using technology to strengthen prison guards has changed the ways how prison guards work. The construction of door access control in prison is an important part of ’Shield Project’. It is also basement of management modernization and safety in prison. With iris recognition technology, management, working efficiency, safety, stability, convenience and uniqueness in prison will be greatly improved. The prison management system will also develop to a higher level.

Smart Prison Door Access Control system is a platform based on iris recognition technology, it has advantages of being fast, accurate, safe and convenient. It is also a solution to improve safety and intelligence in prison. From iris recognition, A - B door interlock, anti-back verification, in and out time limitation and remote real-time monitoring, this integrated management system fully implement high efficient and safe iris recognition access.
System Structure

System Feature

● Iris recognition technology is highly accurate, it is not affected by outside conditions and no need for body contact.

● The platform offers different interfaces and friendly UI, it can be easily integrated with other application platforms.

● The iris management system has function such as doors interlock, anti-back mechanism and remote monitoring. Security levels can be adjusted at different times.

● LANs are interconnected, it is managed and authorized by one single center.The platform can operate off-line and offer interface for fire fighting system.

Customer Portfolio

  • GRG Banking
  • Tsinghua University
  • Sunny Optical Technology

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Sales Manager at Wuhan Hongshi Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Wuhan Hongshi Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in the development of iris recognition technology,solutions and products. The company was founded in the year ...
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