Mitsuaki Tanaka

iR700B M2M Multiband Router

by from Systena America Inc.

This Solution is a hardware module.
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A router that can connect to all networks/WiFi and sensors to collect industrial and commercial data for businesses to visualize and analyze using IoT

About this Solution:

Systena America Inc. is a Silicon Valley based IT company from Japan and has been in the US since November, 2013. Along with our office in California, we opened our second office in Kansas in March, 2015.

We specialize in supporting field testing and UI/Software verification for various smartphone carriers and manufacturers in the US. Industry examples include: Robotics software development and customer support, WebShelter security app for the financial industry, software development and quality assurance testing for Japanese mobile device manufacturers, etc.

Certified by: FCC, IC, TELEC, CE, PTCRB.


Product Dimension: 78mm(L) / 125mm(W) / 25mm(H)

Product Weight: 275 g

Connectivity: LTE 4G / 3G/ 2G / WiFi

Power: AC Power: 240V / DC Power: 5V 3A

Operating System: Linux

◯ iR700B works for LTE, 3G, PHS, WiFi, and WiMAX2+

◯ 7 different I/F:LAN, WAN, RS232/485, DIO, USB2.0, and microSD

◯ Higher security: VPN supported by psec and L2TP

◯ OTA SW Update



External input/output

LAN×3, WAN×1, DIO×1, RS232/485, USB2.0, microSD

External switches

Mode switch, reset switch


WiFi×1, WWAN×1(SMAConnector)


ACadaptor(2.1 DCjack)AC100V~240V DC5V 3A

Dimensions (H×W×D)

1 inches×5 inches×3 inches


9.7 oz.(without antenna or AC adaptor)

Electricity Consumption

When in use 5W(Max) (when 3G, WiFi, WAN, LANare in use)

Temperature and humidity range

Operation guaranteed: 32°F to 122°F(body),
Storage: -4°F to 158°F、Humidity: 10%~95%

[Initial BoM Key Components]

  • Telit LN930
  • LAN port x3
  • WAN port x1
  • DIO x1
  • RS232/485
  • USB2.0
  • micro SD slot
  • Standard Antenna 1 C1467-510015-A-I
  • Standard Antenna 2 AN0821-67A01WSM-I
  • Standard Antenna 3 AN0727-64DP5BSM (WSM)-I
  • Standard Antenna 4 W50-S-V3-I
  • Antenna 1 Coreesponding WiMAX2+ RWX-241XSAXX-891-I
  • Operation Temperature guaranteed: 32F - 122F (body)
  • Storage Temperature: -4F - 158F
  • Humidity: 10% - 95% (no condensation)


➢580MHz driving through high performance SoC

➢Uses small form metal case in consideration of environmental performance

➢Multiple wireless WAN line selection possible through miniPCIe interface

➢WiFi(1T1R compatible IEEE802.11b/g/n)

➢Multiple external interfaces

・LAN x 3, WAN x 1, RS232、RS485

・DIO dry contacts (D-/D+ terminals)

・USB2.0 interface

・microSD interface

➢Dead-Alive connection monitoring, automatic recovery feature

➢OTA (automatic software update) feature

➢Made in Japan

[Usage Examples]

➢POS terminal

➢Automatic vending machine

➢Transit fare adjustment machine

➢Remote monitoring equipment

➢Solar power system

➢Control equipment for protected horticulture, plant factories

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Some examples of where this Solution can be and have been used, e.g:

  • ATM
  • Parking
  • Security Systems
  • Factory
  • Solar
  • Surveillance
  • Transportation System


Customer Portfolio

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Ideal Partners

This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Operating businesses
  • Industrial Applications
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Health Devices
  • Other Technologies
  • Manufacturer

Brought to you by Mitsuaki

Vice President at Systena America Inc.
Systena America Inc. is a Silicon Valley based IT company from Japan and has been in the US since November, 2013. Along with our office in California, we opened our second office in Kansas in ...
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