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Intel® IoT Developer Kit

by from Intel Corporation

This Solution offers a component design service.
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Intel Edison is a development platform for wearable devices. Design for helping creators and entrepreneurs to rapid prototype and produce IoT products

About this Solution:


Intel® Edison development platform is designed to lower the barriers to entry for a range of inventors, entrepreneurs, and consumer product designers to rapidly prototype and produce “Internet of Things” (IoT) and wearable computing products.

Intel® Edison is an entire computer on a tiny module. It is a powerful development platform that can be used to create amazing tech. It is primarily used for powering IoT and wearable devices, but that is not the limit - creative developers use it for robotics, gaming, and other unique projects. Where to get started:


If you’re just starting, Intel® Edison is a great platform to begin, as it has a lot of great tutorials, examples and inspiring content online:


For seasoned developers Intel® Edison is a great tool for prototyping. With a working prototype you can secure funding, test product in market through crowdfunding, and better understand the final cost of your product.

For more inspiration, see our 11 favorite Intel® Edison projects below.


Low-Cost Braille Printer

One of the most inspiring projects out there - an affordable braille printer made by Shubham Banerjee. It is not only innovative, but also a perfect example of how technology can make the world a better place.


This one is for hardcore gamers - create your own mini-gaming console to play Doom. Intel® Edison provides enough computational power to run older games like the 1993 version of Doom. The tutorial will teach you how to add a display, audio and game input.

DJ Hardware

There are makers among DJ’s as well and they are reinventing the turntable. Thud Rumble created an Intel® Edison powered post-laptop DJ era turntable that ought to revolutionize the industry.

Project Buendia

This is another inspiring story how technology can help people and save lives. Project creators set about to make a tablet for doctors treating Ebola. The project required a small wireless computer that could connect to the server. To avoid spreading the disease, the tablets and server would be encased and dunked in a chlorine solution that killed the virus. Intel® Edison due to its low power consumption and high performance was the chosen solution.


Robot Spiders

These robot spiders can dance! And they can dance in union because they all are connected to Intel® Edison. See the creator talking how he 3D printed, assembled, and programmed the dancing robot spiders.

Robotic Spider Dress

This is where technology meets fashion and creates something absolutely unique. This dress is like a glimpse into a sci-fi future - it expresses the wearer's emotions. Using wireless biometric signals, the system makes inferences based on the stress levels in your body. It can differentiate between 12 states of behavior. It is also built as a self-defense mechanism, protecting personal space.

Tiny Cheese Maker

Aside from building robots or gaming devices, you can create some unexpected solutions to problems you did not know existed! This is a fun and educational project, a great idea for a family activity.

Intel Edison Temperature logger with RBG-LCD

RGB-LCD screen display the values recorded by the temperature sensor. It is simple project, but can Edison’s feature. You only need Intel Edison development platform, Grove starter kit plus, an RGB-LCD screen, the shield that lets you attach components, and the temperature sensor.


Intel Edison IP Webcam

This product was designed by DangerousTim uses the Intel Edison kit to build a portable scanner. Application is that uses the WiFi capabilities of the computer and an LCD screen the WiFi network detected.


The Familiar: A Wearable Companion Robot

A familiar is a magical companion that assists their master in various ways. Familiars can perform various useful tasks, such as providing useful information when needed, interacting socially with other people the master encounters, and generally just being entertaining.



Handibot® is a small-footprint, powerful CNC tooling machine that can be controlled using any PC or tablet running Windows. It uses Intel® Edison to connect the machine via Wi-Fi to PC or tablet running the dedicated app. The creators chose the Intel® Edison solution due to its stable performance, wireless functionality, and file integration capability.



1. Supports Arduino Sketch, Linux, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

2. Board I/O: Compatible with Arduino Uno (except 4 PWM instead of 6 PWM):

  • 20 digital input/output pins, including 4 pins as PWM outputs.
  • 6 analog inputs.
  • 1 UART (Rx/Tx).
  • 1 I2C.
  • 1 ICSP 6-pin header (SPI).
  • Micro USB device connector OR (via mechanical switch) dedicated standard size USB host Type-A connector.
  • Micro USB device (connected to UART).
  • SD card connector.
  • DC power jack (7 to15 VDC input).


Slightly larger than the Intel® Edison module, the Intel® Edison Breakout Board has a minimal set of features:

  • Exposes native 1.8 V I/O of the Edison module.
  • 0.1 inch grid I/O array of through-hole solder points.
  • USB OTG with USB Micro Type-AB connector.
  • USB OTG power switch.
  • Battery charger.
  • USB to device UART bridge with USB micro Type-B connector.
  • DC power supply jack (7to 15 VDC input)


  • Provides seamless Device-to- Device and Device-to-Cloud communication.
  • Ability to run rules on your data stream that trigger alerts based on advanced analytics.
  • Foundation Al tool for collecting, storing, and processing data in the cloud.
  • Free for limited and noncommercial use.






Find the help you need to get the most out of your Intel® Edison Board

Get started with Intel® Edison technology

Intel® Edison Board Troubleshooting and FAQ

Intel® Edison Boards Hardware Support

Intel® Edison Support Community


1.Intel® Edison-based driver alert system: Interview with the Maker:


2.Intel® Edison-based educational drone: Interview with the Creators:


3.Intel® Edison-based drone: Interview with the Maker:


4.Intel® Edison-based bionic hand: Interview with the Maker:


5.Intel® Edison-based water bottle: interview with the Maker:


6.Our favorite 15 Intel® Edison-based projects:


If you have any question about Edison, please feed free to contact me via HWTrek Q&A, thanks!!

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  • Industrial Applications
  • Sports Devices
  • Toys & Games
  • Audio & Video Devices
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Auto Applications

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