Bart Zimny

Industrial Design for IoT+ ME DFM EE Mobile Software

by from VORM

This Solution offers a mechanical engineering service.
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Empowering businesses through technology, design and innovation. Connecting physical and digital world !

About this Solution:

VORM lab is a design consultancy, working hands-on with companies to research and develop their technologies and strategy, primarily by finding opportunities in networks and physical things.Who are we?

We are researchers, designers and business minds working together to uncover new business opportunities and help brands become leaders.

We design product-service experiences, making business transformation happen.

Everything we do is based on our unmatched in-house research about people’s needs, feelings and desires.

What can VORM lab do for you?1. PRODUCT + SERVICE DESIGN

Our offerings support the blurring between digital and physical products. To create experiences that scale VORM provides brand design as well as design systems services.

Industrial Design • Product Design • Software and Digital Design • Brand Design • Experience design


Our Software development service helps our clients create and capture value by identifying untapped opportunities in the market and converting them into meaningful products and services.

Embedded software • Firmware • Bluetooth connectability • Mobile apps development


Computers, connected devices, cameras; vacuum cleaners, toasters; sport goods, medical scanners — if you name a category, chances are we’ve designed for it. Regardless of product type, our industrial designers specialize in one thing: bringing emotional appeal to physical forms.

Industrial design • Electronics Engineering • Product Realization • Mechanical Engineering • Connected software


Our Experience Strategy service choreographs interactions between people and a brand’s products and services by assessing the quality of existing experiences, envisioning future opportunities, then planning and managing the deployment of a unified vision.

User experience • Design Research • Experience Envisioning • Interaction design


VORM lab’s Overall Experience

VORM lab’s team excellence in the execution of innovation and design process has been consistently proven during our 6 years in the industry. Our team has successfully conducted over 100 design projects, and helped our clients significantly increase their revenue. Combined with our extensive experience among a variety of design and technology areas, this wealth of executed projects gives us the expertise that clients can rely on to reach their goals. In 2014 we have gathered together to establish the company. Numbers presented below provide data facts of our achievements since we have formed VORM lab.


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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Brainstorming an idea
  • Proof of concept
  • Working prototype
  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Wearables
  • Industrial Applications
  • Sports Devices
  • Toys & Games
  • Audio & Video Devices
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Tech Accessories
  • Health Devices
  • Science Gadgets

Brought to you by Bart

CEO | Design strategist at VORMFor the last few years I was working in strategic product design, project management and business advisory. Successfully launched a lot of products and brands From ...
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Solution Tech Tags

  • 2G/3G/4G
  • ZigBee
  • Bluetooth 2.x/3.x
  • Bluetooth 4.x/BLE
  • WiFi
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