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ICHunt BOM Quotation Service

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This Solution offers a component design service.
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ICHunt, an online B2B trading platform for electronic components, can provide BOM quotation and engineering service to optimize BOM cost.

About this Solution:

ICHunt is an online B2B trading platform for electronic components based in Shenzhen, China. See the overview of this Solution provided by ICHunt below:

(1) BOM Quotation Service: prepare an EXCEL spreadsheet using the format below to shorten lead time:


(2) Engineering service to optimize BOM cost: experienced engineers will assist with electronic engineering component related issues during product development.

(3) Supports small volume to high volume BOM quotation

(4) Provides high quality components at a reasonable price.

(5) ICHunt will review the BOM list and provide preliminary feedback online within 1 to 3 working days.

About ICHunt

ICHunt is an electronic components B2B online trading platform designed and developed by Shenzhen ICHunt Science and Technology Co., Limited, launched in July 2015. ICHunt integrates upstream and downstream resources of electronic components providing a whole closed loop transaction service that covers purchase, customs clearance, warehousing, delivery and so on to break information barriers between distributors, the supply and demand sides by using an open platform, to achieve direct deals between the two sides of supply and demand, to improve supply chain efficiency, and facilitate transactions that quickly are reached.

The number of online registered users of ICHunt exceeds 30,000, with more than 3,000 enterprises registered, and monthly matchmaking transaction amount approaching 200 million RMB since its launch in July of 2015. With the launch of its B2B platform, famous chip manufacturers and distribution giants such as Foxconn, Littelfuse, Fenghua, Digikey, Mouser, Farnell, Avnet, Arrow, WPG, Future, and CEC Port have successively signed contracts with ICHunt.



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ICHunt is the third-generation electronic components B2B online trading platform which designed and developed by Shenzhen ICHunt Science and Technology Co., Limited. Relying on large data and ...
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