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IBM Watson IoT Platform

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Use the power of IBM Watson IoT Platform’s cognitive engine to build specialized, integrated solutions to solve your industry and business challenges.

About this Solution:

What is IBM Watson IoT Platform?

Watson IoT Platform is designed to simplify cognitive IoT development so you can harness the full potential of the Internet of Things

What can IBM Watson IoT Platform offer?

Analytics: Adding analytics capabilities to IoT data produces the intelligence of cognitive IoT

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Video/Image/Audio Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Text Analytics

Connect: Easily connect devices from chips to intelligent appliances to your applications and industry solutions. Perform device management functions, scale through cloud-based services, and then use rich analytics to gain insights and achieve organizational transformation.

  • Connect to any device
  • Open communications standards
  • Collect and organize
  • Secure connectivity
  • Device management
  • Globally scalable

Information Management: Identify, aggregate and transform data from your IoT sources into asset-based data structures that can be quickly and easily analyzed. Ingest data from other diverse data sources and platforms. Use it to augment your device data and perform additional, rich analytics. Exploit a variety of cloud-based storage services as your IoT data historian.

  • Storage and archive
  • Manage structured, unstructured and meta data
  • Integrate weather
  • Parse and transform
  • Reporting

Risk Management: Providing the ability to enforce the appropriate level of security and privacy to your IoT solution from the device through the network to the cloud and beyond.

  • End to end core security features
  • System wide confidence via Security Analytics and Device Management
  • Support for secure decentralized systems with Blockchain


This Solution especially targets at HWTrek Experts in East China

If you are at following industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Retail

If you are looking to

  • connect devices, equipment, people
  • optimize assets, product development, safety
  • transform traditional business with IoT

Start with IBM Waston IoT Platform!

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Advanced IoT solutions by industry

  • Automotive: IoT for Automotive made for the development and operation of world leading Connected Car


  • Electronics: IoT for Electronics enabling the next generation service delivery of connected devices and machines


  • Manufacturing: Drive cost savings and operational efficiency across the factory value chain


  • Retail: Improve operational performance, maintain the health of equipment and facilities, and prevent disruptions to customer experiences.


  • Insurance: Collects and analyzes data about the policyholder to help insurers customize shields of protection for each customer.


Advanced IoT solutions by business application

  • Asset management and facilities management: Real Estate and Facilities Performance Management drives utilization and financial return on assets


  • Product development: Continuous engineering and collaborative lifecycle management solutions from IBM can help you engineer reliable, smart, connected products and systems so you can innovate in the face of complexity.


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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Mature stage
  • Industrial Applications

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