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HWTrek Supply Chain Workshops are programs for startup accelerators who want to acquire more hardware expertise and manufacturing insights.

About this Solution:


As the IoT industry continues to boom into the stratosphere, more and more hardware innovators are entering the scene. At HWTrek, we are fostering an ecosystem which provides the support and tools for these innovators to accelerate their Project development.

With Asian manufacturers accounting for the majority of the world’s manufacturing capabilities, HWTrek strives to match hardware innovators with expertise in Asia.

HWTrek Supply Chain Workshops are exclusive events organized by HWTrek and you, the startup accelerator/incubator, to introduce hardware innovators to Asian supply chain expertise.

If you’re a startup accelerator/incubator with hardware startups in your current batch, then this Workshop will provide essential value that will enable the hardware innovators to be fully prepared for the next steps.

Whether you want to shift to a more hardware-focused accelerator, or seek hardware insights for your tech event, HWTrek will send our experienced mentors who knows what it takes to set up a supply chain with Asian manufacturing partners.



The Workshop is a full day program: 4 sessions of 90 minutes each, each about 60 minutes lecture followed by hands-on workshop, lunch and networking

HWTrek Supply Chain Workshops will help hardware Creators answer a range of their most urgent product development questions, including:

  • What different kinds of manufacturers are there? Which one is the right one for my Project?
  • Where do I find a suitable factory? How do I approach a factory and what kind of documentation do I need?
  • How do I communicate and work with Asian manufacturing partners?

Workshops can be tailored to a specific part of the hardware development process, depending on the maturity of the Projects and the Workshop audience.

WORKSHOP MENTOR: Martin Feuerhahn



In November 2015, HWTrek went on a tour to Europe where we hosted a number of Workshops in partnership with local accelerators/incubators.



Here's how you apply:

Sign in with your HWTrek Expert account, and contact the HWTrek Digital Marketing Director - Agne Serpytyte.

Write a message about where you would like to organize the HWTrek Supply Chain Workshop. Provide information like:

  • Date,
  • Location,
  • Specific content requirements,
  • Approximate number of participants,
  • Reason why you want to have the Workshop.

Agne will get it in touch with you as soon as your application as been received.

Got any questions? Check out the Q&A section for frequently asked questions or post your own questions!

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