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HWTrek Premium Programs guide you each step of the way to successful shipment, from the RFQ process all the way to mass production.

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Building your hardware supply chain using Asian manufacturing expertise can be challenging. Coordinating with manufacturers in Asia and ensuring schedules are followed are just some of the tasks you'll have to do while you're building the supply chain for your product.

The HWTrek PM team takes care of all that

Here at HWTrek we have a project management team comprised of experienced and dedicated professionals from various tier-1 ODMs who knows exactly what it takes to successfully bring your product from prototype to mass production.

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With HWTrek acting as your local project manager we’ll ensure that your product gets smoothly to market. With your RFQ package ready, HWTrek will approach several manufacturers for you, and handle everything from price negotiating, feasibility evaluation, manufacturer audit, to professional advice, as well as:


Handling day-to-day monitoring can be especially tricky if you are not physically located in Asia. We’ll act as your representative monitoring the day-to-day operations of the manufacturer by doing the following:



The HWTrek team has a solid track record of successfully bringing prototypes into mass production. HWTrek has acted as project managers for a range of hardware entrepreneurs:


Instamicis a small, easy-to-use microphone and audio recording device which is enrolled on the Premium Program. In August 2015, they got 539% funded on Indiegogo, raising more than USD$300,000.


Keyboardio signed up to the Premium Program with their Model 01 Project, a completely new type of keyboard. Their Kickstarter campaign raised more than USD$650,000 of the pledged USD$120,000.

In addition to Instamic and Keyboardio, the HWTrek Premium Program has guided a variety of hardware entrepreneurs to success, including Keen Home, Blocks Wearables, Kissengers, Voltset, and Nifty Belt.

For a hands-on service to complete the online and offline aspects of hardware development, our dedicated project managers takes the stress out of your journey; orchestrating a symphony of suppliers, manufacturers and testing facilities while you focus on what really matters - your product.

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Potential Applications:

(1) The team have the target specification are looking for Mechanical/Electronic design+ Manufacturing service.

(2)The team have the RFQ package(design files) are looking for Design for manufacturing + Manufacturing service.

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Working prototype
  • Design for manufacturability
  • All project categories

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Project Manager at Logistica Asia
Proof of Concept, CAD drawings, Design for Manufacturing, and realizing concept designs are just some of the challenges you will face on your journey to bring your product onto markets. With the ...
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