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HSW-04 Fitness wristband

by from OMG Electronic

This Solution offers a component design service.
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This wristband serves as an example of the wearable sports products we can help design and supply.

About this Solution:

This wearable sports wristband can is iOS/Android compatible, water proof, has bluetooth functionality and G sensors. You can order it now, or leverage our capabilities to help design and manufacture your own wearable device.

Specification :

Water-proof Standards : IP-X6

Appearance Material : Aluminum alloy Shell, soft rabber strap

Bluetooth Version : BLE4.0(low power consumption)

Memmory : 64KB RAM+64KB ROM

Sensor : G sensor

Power Consumption : Normally use for a week, standby for three monthes

LCD : OLED 64*32

Android : Android 4.3+ version

IOS Apps : iPhone 4S /5/5C /5S IOS6.1+ version

Others : Step counts, Distance measuring, Calorie consumption management, Sleep management, Event trigger (water drinking, taking medicine, meeting ect.), Call reminder, Message reminder, Clock, Sedentary reminder, Anti-lost (positive and negative direction lookup), Vibration alarm clock.

What kind of Service we can provide?

1. Design


3. Semi Product

4. End Product

If you have any question, please kindly contact us via HWTrek Q&A, Thanks!!

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