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High Performanc SOC: RK3399 for VR/ Game/ 2in1 Tablet

by from Rockchip

This Solution offers a component design service.
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RK3399 has powerful compatibility and scalability, can be used in VR, game box, tablet, and other smart applications.

About this Solution:

Rockchip, released a new generation super scalable and versatile flagship chip - the RK3399 - to the global media and its core partners. This high performance chip is highly scalable and is currently the chip with the best performance in Rockchip's product line. It also has the industry leading hardware specifications.

1. Powerful big.LITTLE CPU architecture + powerful Mali-T860MP4 GPU

RK3399's CPU employs the big.LITTLE architecture with a "big core" which is dual-core Cortex-A72 and "small core" that is quad-core Cortex-A53 structure which substantially optimizes integer and floating point, memory, and other functions. The overall performance, power consumption, and the core surface area have also been radically improved.

RK3399's GPU uses the quad-core Mali-T860, which is the latest generation of high-end graphics processors from ARM, and integrates more bandwidth compression technologies, such as intelligent overlay, Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC), domestic pixel storage and other technologies. It also supports more graphics and calculation interfaces. When compared with the previous generation, its overall performance is increased by 45%.


2. Eight performance superiority in strenth of RK3399

  1. Besides being more advanced in the CPU and GPU department, the Rockchip RK3399 processor also has the following exclusive advantages:
  2. Integrated dual USB3.0 Type-C interfaces, supports audio and video output of USB Type-C based DisplayPort.
  3. Dual ISP pixel processing power up to 800MPix/s, supports simultaneous input of dual-channel camera data, 3D, in-depth information extraction and other high-end processes.
  4. MIPI/eDP interface, supports 2560×1600 display and dual display.
  5. HDMI2.0 interface, H.265/H.264/VP9 4K @60fps HD video decoding and display.
  6. Built-in PCI-e interface, supports high-speed Wi-Fi and storage expansion based on PCI-e.
  7. Supports 8-channel digital MIC array input
  8. Full system support: compatible with Android, Linux and other operating systems.


3. Powerful compatibility and scalability; can be used in VR, game box, tablet, and other smart applications

For smart VR devices: RK3399 has a latency less than 20ms, 90Hz refresh rate, and supports 2K low persistence display, high-precision position tracking systems, super HDR camera technology, super 3D processing, ultra-high-definition H.265/H.264 video decoding, and other hardware advantages.


For tablet and game box products: RK3399 provides terminals with faster operation speed and better visual effects by utilizing its powerful CPU, GPU, faster interface standards and transfer speeds, 4K@60fps10-bit video playback and output capabilities that support H.265/VP9 encoding, better image decoding, rich game engines, and 3D graphics processing capabilities.



In addition to application in tablets, VR, TV-BOX, laptops, in-vehicle navigations, and communications, the RK3399, with its enriched scalability, can be applied to all types of terminals covering industrial and consumer applications, including smart appliances, advertising devices/the all-in-one machines, POS systems, vehicle control terminals, thin-clients, VOIP video conferencing, security/monitoring/policing, IoT, as well as other fields. As the new flagship product of 2016, Rockchip RK3399's strong compatibility and scalability is its strongest core competency.

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