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Heated Smart-clothing Solution

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This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Bluetooth heated clothing solution which can be built into a range of products and designs for your needs.

About this Solution:


  • CBright’s alloy wire heating pad can be integrated within clothing, and enables you to adjust the heating element via a remote, or phone application.
  • It has been designed to withstand temperatures as low as -40°C, making it durable enough for the planet’s most extreme conditions.
  • The pad is covered in an insulating material to make it safe, reliable, and emit zero radiation.
  • Key features include being light, thin, soft, comfortable, durable, and stable. It will not deform even through rough use, nor will impedance change.
  • We use an automated double crochet machine to eliminate the twisting and displacement of the internal heating wire - unlike other heating elements available.
  • The device automatically protects users by shutting down if the temperature reaches above 60 °C.
  • It can be customized according to customer requirements including: shape, dimension, specification, and resistance.




  • Thanks to this solutions Bluetooth module, it can be wirelessly operated via Android/iOS mobile apps - on/off and temperature control.
  • The Bluetooth module receives the information from the handset, then communicates this via the MCU to control the heating module.
  • This heating module also measures and regulates the device’s temperature to ensure it maintains a constant range.
  • The whole power supply system uses a lithium-ion battery pack which has over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and short-circuit protection.









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Potential Applications:


  • The next step we’re working on at CBright is to combine smart clothing with non-invasive measurement of human physiological information - e.g. testing blood sugar, heartbeat and breathing. Get in touch for more info.


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