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Hardware + Software solutions for Commerical Rotots

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This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Qfeeltech focus on providing essential technology and hardware products of commercial visual robotics.

About this Solution:

Focus on providing essential technology and hardware products of visual navigation robotics. By cooperating with the world's leading technology companies, provide the technical solutions for commercial visual robotics in all kinds of application scenarios, seek to become a leading visual robotic solution provider.


  • 3D-SLAM- Indoor simultaneous location and mapping
  • 3D-TLD dynamic objects Follow Algorithm
  • 3D-Measure panorama stitching and measurement algorithms
  • Mobile Robot Control algorithm


UL-Brain- a ROS-based Robot Vision SDK

ULBrain system solutions: ULBrain is set for smart robots, drone system solutions. The solution can help developers to quickly develop their own robot prototype system, and a variety of robotic applications.

The current version of ULBrain1.0 can be installed in two ways by the system image or SDK. For a variety of hardware, It can provide the necessary basic robotic functions, including mobile control, video transmission, indoor location, view status, autonomous navigation, 3D reconstruction, follow recognition , voice-controlled.

The subsequent releases version will add more features, such as self-exploration, object recognition.

  • 3D-TLD Algorithm for dynamic objects tracking

    • Quantitative of comparison of 3D-TLD


  • 2D、3D-SLAM
    • Sensor requirement: RGB-D sensor, laser scanner, momo camera or dual camera
    • Configuration requirement: X86 i3/ ARM Cortex A17
    • Hardware cost: 1500 ~ 3000 CNY
    • Quantitative comparison of 3D-SLAM (vSLAM)



3D- Measure



Folo-Visual fellow robotic

Folo your life, visual fellow robotic. The face recognition technology could identify the user's age and gender,and provide accurate product recommendations and create customized shopping list for each user


Finch- A vision development

Finch- A vision development kit for for UAV Development Kit, includes a set of hardware and software development kits. For UAV developers, DIY enthusiasts, we could provide complete solutions to design your own UAV applications.


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  • Working prototype
  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Improving electronic board
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Industrial Applications

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ABOUT Qfeeltech:Focus on providing essential technology and hardware products of visual navigation robotics. Providing Visual SLAM – indoor simultaneous localization and mapping, Navigation, ...
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