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GPS Tracking Device for Car

by from Cortec Technology INC.

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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The cigaratte lighter is used for car.It has too main function .One is for charger and another one is for GPS tracking .

About this Solution:

The cigarette lighter is used for car.It has too main function .One is for charger and another one is for GPS tracking .


Detail the key features of this component.

  • Feature 1 fast charging (2 USB prot)
  • Feature 2 Smartphone app
  • Feature 3 Bule tooth option for save montly fees .
  • Feature 4 GPS tracking (text location on demand to a phone)and recording to internal SD card
  • 5.GSM modem and SIM card
    6.Security (arm mode)…Infrared or motion detector/sensor…etc
    7.Collision sensor (text one or more assigned tel numbers)
    8.Car Finder ( text last car location and app takes photo and saves it)
    9.Smartphone app
    10.SMS messaging alerts
    11.Location request/Car finding
    12.High speed warning (text one or more assigned tel numbers)
    13.LED indicators
    14.Internal battery (device lasts 1 week with own battery)
    15.Internal GPS and GSM antennas
    16.Panic bottom (text emergency signal with location to assigned numbers)

About Company Capabilites

1) more then 40 RD engineer to meet any of customers requirements .such as system design ,product design ,APP ect.

2)we have mold making ability ,injeciton department ,Lather and CNC department ,die-casting department ,assemlby ,to meet your prouduct desgin .

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Customer Portfolio

  • as we have NDA with custoemr .it's not convient to write here

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