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Seamless consumer IoT product development

by from Droplit

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Droplit is an edge to app cloud solution for ODMs and brands to launch reliable, fully integrated IoT ecosystems in the US and European markets.

About this Solution:

In partnership with Qualcomm, DB-Technology and the teams that brought some of the most popular products to life, Droplit offers easy cloud enablement of connected commercial products for the US and European markets.


  • Protocol agnostic -- BLE, mesh, WiFi, etc
  • Includes integrations with popular consumer products and platforms, such as Alexa
  • Ready-made applications ready for customization
  • Production ready hub hardware and/or modules with full software stack supporting both cloud and local control

Using this service:

  • Contact Droplit for a free consultation on how to proceed

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

  • Smart home devices-- e.g. smart lighting, thermostats, locks, sensors
  • Smart home platforms-- e.g. hubs, buttons
  • Commercial lighting control systems
  • Property management systems for multi/single family residence management

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • All development stages
  • Smart Home Devices

Brought to you by Preston

COO at Droplit
Make Smart EasyDroplit is the API for connected products, helping brands and service providers launch reliable, fully integrated connected product ecosystems. - Edge SDK for hubs and gateways- REST ...
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