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Enchant.VC accelerator for hardware

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This Solution offers investment, incubation or acceleration.
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We invest in early stage hardware startups up to $500K. Four chapters of accelerator program will turn your idea into the enchanted product.

About this Solution:


We help you enchant your technology and bring it to the mass market.


1. The main purpose of the program is to fuel up your startup.

  • hack online channels
  • clean the messaging to achieve higher ROI on your marketing budget prepare for high-profile launch
  • complete design for manufacturing
  • build viable economies for mass production

2. Global program - 4 chapters of the program in 4 different locations

Enchant.VC program locations

  • Develop and validate your product in Singapore

Enchant your technology in "the smartest city". Build the future in the futuristic city. Attend major events - Tech In Asia, CES-Asia, RISE, Echelon.

  • Launch and crowdfund in San Francisco

Crowdfund your project in the heart of Silicon Valley with Media Launch Tour. Connect with top angels and seed investors.

  • Manufacture and deliver in Shenzhen

Deliver the product on time using proven network of manufacturers and DFM partners in the world capital of manufacturing.

  • Retail launch in Las Vegas

Meet top buyers at CES 2017. Validate retail channels and get your first purchase orders. Have your metrics ready for series A.

3. We invest in teams of hardware and marketing hackers with a ready working prototype

Enchant.VC invests

4. Enchant.VC team

Our team has launched many products, cracked all stages of product life cycle and hacked the growth model.

We are immersed to help you define your product-market fit, go-to-market, influencer reach, resolve problems in product development and supply chain, and build all the metrics and traction for your next round of funding.

We hacked crowdfunding. Our team brought several products to retail shelves and raised almost $3M on crowdfunding.

Enchant.VC Treck Record.png

5. Application process - 1 month



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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Proof of concept
  • Working prototype
  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Wearables
  • Sports Devices
  • Audio & Video Devices
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Health Devices
  • robotics, VR/AR technologies

Brought to you by Daria

Investment Analyst at Enchant.VC
Enchant.VC is accelerator and seed fund for hardware. We help enchant your technology and bring it to the mass market. We invest in early stage hardware startups up to $500K. Four chapters of ...
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