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EMS/OEM, Your best turn-key solution!

by from Double Max Int'l Ltd.

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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DMAX serves as a one-stop shop for your needs. Contract manufacturing services: PCB Fabrication Components procurement PCB assembly Full box build

About this Solution:


DMAX PCBA contract manufacturing services:

  • PCB Fabrication
  • Components procurement
  • PCB assembly (SMT+DIP+Testing + Packing)
  • Full box build

DMAX serves as a one-stop shop for your OEM / ODM needs. Our turnkey-solutions enable you to avoid the headaches of outsourcing your components from different venders until final logistics management.

  • Turnkey services for low-volume PCB & PCBA, starts at 500/pcs ,and continues up for high volume.



  • Multilayer PCBs
  • High Frequency PCBs
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI) Multilayer PCBs
  • FPC Multilayer/2 Layer FCCL
  • Rigid-Flex Board

PCB Superiority:

  • Materials: 94V-0, FR4, FR5, Teflon, Metal Core PCB (Aluminum)
  • Layer Count: 1-36 layers ; DIM Max.: 24”*30”
  • Surface Finish: Lead Free HAL, Immersion Gold/ Silver, Gold Fingers
  • Machine Drill min. 6mil ; Laser Drill min. 3mil ; Trace/Space min.3/3 mil

PCB Assembly:


  • Necessary Information:
    1. GERBER File(PCB Layout/Artwork)
    2. Bill of material (BOM list)
    3. Production manual (SOP for test, assembly, and packing)
    4. Gold sample
    5. *Schematics
  • Latest 6 SMT lines to maximize efficiency and capabilities to satisfy all types of PCBA
  • Each SMT line will use N2 Reflow and AOI to enhance the level of quality in overall mounting of various components
  • Daily Capabilities: 7,600,000/pcs in total with 6 SMT lines
  • BGA,QFN,0402,0201 mounting services are available

Our Facilities:

  • Equipment for SMT and DIP process146157863680398795.jpg
  • Equipment for quality control


Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

Our OEM projects includes:

  • VOIP application
  • Powered USB Hub
  • Media Controller Board
  • Routers
  • NAS
  • GPS
  • Cell Phones
  • Wireless Network
  • PC Boards
  • Industrial Board and Printer Module





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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Working prototype
  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Improving electronic board
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Wearables
  • Industrial Applications
  • Sports Devices
  • Toys & Games
  • Audio & Video Devices
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Other Technologies

Brought to you by Martin

Sales Engineer at Double Max Int'l Ltd.
Double Max Int’l Co., Ltd offers its clients a comprehensive range of contract electronics manufacturing services from: PCB assembly, testing, through peripheral products, till cables and full ...
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