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Educational Robot Total Solution

by from MRT

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Our education robots are designed for providing scientific and systematic teaching equipment and supporting materials for children and adolescents.

About this Solution:

MRT International (My Robot Time):

MY ROBOT TIME is an educational robot brand. With educational products such as [MRT1] and [MRT3],each modular robot kit fills up the step by step curriculum of the educational lineup. Children are able to learn scientific principles besides raising their creativity and scientific thinking skills.



MRT1 GOMA DIY assemble kits for kindergartens:

GOMA Series is special designed with bigger size plastic blocks for kindergartens. It's better for basic robotic training course among the kids at ages of 4-7 years old.

  • Goma Hand
  • Goma Brain
  • Goma Heart with different functions.



  • Big blocks
  • Switch board / Battery case
  • Robot assembly manual
  • Geared motor X1(rpm75)

Kicky Educational robot kits for kindergartens:

Kicky series includes 3 stages for children at ages of 6-7 years old. Special designed for basic robotic training activity in kindergartens. Provide English PDF files with kits to teach children how to assemble different models and the basic robotic science and theories .

  • Basic
  • Junior
  • Senior



  • Big and small blocks
  • Pre-programmed controller
  • Geared motors X2(rpm75)
  • Remote controller
  • IR,touch sensors

MRT3 STEM Science Class for primary schools:

MRT3 series for education are willing to lead the initiative of robot lectures with reasonable price, high quality, and brand-new workbooks.

  • MRT3-1
  • MRT3-2
  • MRT3-3
  • MRT3-4
  • MRT3-General 2
  • MRT3-General 3
  • MRT3-General 4



  • 4 chapters(build 10 robots each level)
  • 2 type controller(pre-programmed + programmable)
  • 6V battery + 9V battery case
  • Geared motors X2 (provided in level 1kit)
  • Servo motors X2 (provided in level3/4kit)
  • IR,touch, CdS,MIC sensors / speaker, buzzer, LED
  • IR remote controller, USB downloader
  • MRT software(compiler)

MRT5 Educational robot kit for middle schools:

MRT5 Educational robot kit with colorful metal blocks has 2 stages with English books. Children need assemble different models with colorful metal blocks and variety of sensors. Need compile GUI program on software with guiding books.

  • MRT5-1
  • MRT5-2



  • 2 chapters(build 10robots each level)
  • Programmable controller embedded with downloader
  • 9V battery case
  • Rpm 250 DC geared motor X3 (provided in level 2kit)
  • Torque 4.8kg servo motor X2(provided in level 2kit)
  • IR,touch,tilt,vibration,sensors,3 color LED
  • IR remote controller, big wheel X4
  • MRT software(compiler)

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

  • Education

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  • Working prototype
  • Improving electronic board
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Toys & Games
  • Education

Brought to you by Cathy

Global Sales Manager at MRT
ABOUT MRT International Limited:MRT International Limited is a hi-tech enterprises with independent research, production,operation and education that was built up in 2008 as joint venture by South ...
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