Narimasa Makino

DFM for Hardware to Overcome "Valley of Failure"

by from Makers Boot Camp

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Tailor-made Hardware solutions focused on DFM prototype: we offer Project Management within a network of 100 Japanese Manufacturers (Samurai experts).

About this Solution:

Makers Boot Camp, leading accelerator 100% Made in Japan, is one of the most recommended in Asia, for hardware startups who want to get ready for mass manufacturing with cost-effective reliable technology.

We offer Project Management focused on Design for Manufacture(DFM) phase, known as the “valley of failure” for hardware startups - 3 out of 4 well succeed Kickstarter campaigns related to hardware lack knowledge to manage projects, resulting in common delays and waste of resources.

DFM optimizes manufacturing, from fabrication, to assembly and tests, in order to assure the best cost, respecting high quality and reliable standards, as well regulatory compliance and safety. Our Manufacturers, a well succeed collective hub for prototyping, save time and money, so we can offer you a cost-effective tailor-made support.

We use our Samurai experts know-how, working for mainly electronic companies in Japan, combined with our startup expertise, in order to leverage your business.

Samurai Mentor Expertises:

1. Resin Mold Design: crossEffect (

2. Middleware: Kinoshita Electronics

3. Circuit Boards: Kyoshin Denki

4. Design Management: Kyoso Technology

5. Sheet Metal Stampling: Kamimura

How to use this Solution:

  • Create a project on HWTrek, let us know about your Product, Market and Target
  • Click "Get Quotation" and we will get the message from platform
  • Sign NDA and then share with us your Product Drawing and BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • We can send you a Master Plan(free of charge) + proposal of delivery date and industrial fees, depending on specific needs (we can negotiate payment conditions.)
  • We deliver your small lot on time
  • You can go ahead and test your product on the market
  • If you wish to produce in a small Scale (up to 5000 units), we are able to support you in the next steps towards Manufacturing.

Other Details:

Manufacturing structure: Kyoto Shisaku Net - KSN (+100 companies in Kyoto, Japan):

- HillTop:

Cases from startups we supported - videos showing IoT products:

- Atmoph Smart Window: DFM prototype, ready for mass-manufacturing

- Coban E-money Reader: (you can notice the difference between the previous version - Arduino Functioning Prototype and compare it to the DFM prototype, ready for mass-manufacturing)

- Up Performa Eagle Eye device: DFM prototype, ready for mass-manufacturing

Business Model:
Tailor-made prototype services, in order to fit your specific needs, anytime of the year. We take care of your Industrial Project to help you succeed on your market.

Counting on Samurai prototype experts, we support hardware startups on key points: Business model, IP, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Crowdfunding andSupply Chain, so you can reach a high quality standard in the world market.

Industrial fields:

- Prototype development

- New product development services

- Plastic molding for product design

- 3D scanning & modeling service

- Vacuum casting & equipment

- Precision machinery parts

- Medical equipment parts

- Scientific instruments

- Tooling design and manufacturing

- Mold making

- Surface treatment (various color anodised, electroless nickel, Freon-plated)

- Device design and assembly

- Jig design

- Industrial Software development

- Precision sheet prototype machining

- Precision mass production (small pieces)

- Precision molding

- Round bar bus processing

- Fin Assembly

- Processing and assembly

- Design and development of electronic and electrical controls (hardware and software)

- Manufacturing (PCB mounting and assembly wiring)

How our Experts can be fast, efficient and reliable:

1. Super Rapid Prototyping: service can ship your parts our within 24 hours of receiving CAD data - extremely fast processing time is maintained through a streamlined workflow that allows us to quickly laser cut and UV cure each part exactly as dictated by the CAD data.

2. Rapid Design Service: comprehensive support from initial product design to delivery. The service is streamlined to deliver within a time-frame and cost efficiency that few other companies can compete with, making an ideal service for product displays, conferences and expos, R&D departments.

3. Vacuum Casting: provides the best method for processing large-run orders of difficult-to-cut, complex plastic goods. While 3D printers have gained popularity in both the manufacturing industry and the public, vacuum casting provides a necessary alternative for objects that are too complex to be effectively processed with 3D printing.

4. Aluminum Processing for Single-Article, Multiple-Parts and Quick Delivery: innovated own streamlined production system 'The Hilltop System' to support highly precise unmanned processing for single pieces and multiple interacting parts. This system is optimised for quick delivery, and also preps the parts for any desired in-house surface treatment.

5.Image Inspection and Analysis for Custom Parts: Each part is inspected to check possible damage and exterior inconsistencies, improving Quality & Assurance.

6.Wireless Modules: technologies for controlling home appliances remotely using a smartphone. In addition to home appliances, we are also making this technology applicable in industrial fields - where direct human access is not possible. Adaptable with wi-fi, low-power radio, and antenna, the technology has a wide-range of potential applications, and we are furthering exploration in the field.

7. Circuit Boards: extensive experience in hi-speed digital and analog circuit boards. We perfect the pattern design for maximum efficiency. Our careful simulations guarantee that the board is optimally designed, which minimizes error and revisions before we begin production.

8. Customisable Design: microprocessors, DSP and FPGA equipment. We support FPGA image processors, transmitters, bus interfaces and more. In addition, we also support high-frequency analog circuit development. Our extensive experience developing such technology allows us to offer a range of customisable products tailored for our clients needs.

9.Mechanical Design: equipped to provide the optimal design, production plan and equipment layout for your product development. Before beginning work on final structural design, we first factor for electrical system design and circuit board installation. To make sure that even the smallest details are accounted for, we also test our systems virtually before implementation. This ensures a smooth and stress-free development phase.

10. Circuit Design: constantly evolving field and we've evolved as a company to service this field (supporting CPU, I/O, A/D, wireless, and FPGA/CPLD). We maintain competitiveness by maximising reliability of our engineering, also finding innovative ways to minimize costs, all while meeting industry standards and regulations.

11. Embedded Software: comprehensive support for our hardware and circuit boards, we are pleased to offer high quality software development services.

12. Printed Circuit Board Design: support multi-layer, high-current, high-pressure analog board development.“

13. Designer Stainless Steel: some of our prototype inquiries come from artists, and we work with our clients to develop an ideal design. We are equipped to support such processing for objects up to three meters, and we regularly work in the fine arts, agricultural, and architectural fields.

14. Customised Architecture (Eaves, Railings, Gutters, etc.): extensive experience developing custom-made parts for buildings, such as precision-angled wall panels, railings, gutters and more. With quick response and even quicker delivery times, we are an ideal source for your building needs.

15. Data Mining Technology: core part of our work. We develop systems within which errors on the factory floor can be easily recorded and analyzed, giving valuable statistical information and insights on production performance.

16. Medical - Cardio Simulator: gives surgeons and medical students a new tool to train and get prepared for surgery, increasing the success rate for difficult procedures, and helping pave the way to the development of new surgical techniques by promoting the widespread use of preoperative simulators. The simulator is gaining a reputation at research institutions and universities both domestically and abroad.

Some Examples of Featured Equipment:

  • Multi-axis Processing Machine: with 4-axis and 5-axis machining centers, equipped to provide the most complex and precise processing for the most complex parts.
  • SCS-8100 Rapid Laser Cutting Machine: 
24-hour, unmanned operation, the machine can support our clients' needs at a moments notice. The device uses laser cutting and UV curing to produce precise parts from the original CAD designs. Equipped to process objects within 610mm x 610mm x 500mm.
  • SOV-200 Vacuum Caster: high-spec vacuum casting machine used to shape silicon. One of the main pieces in our daily operations, the machine supports extremely complex shapes demanding a high degree of technical precision. While ensuring no moisture or air bubbles are left in the resin. Operating at a pressure of approximately 100hPa, the vacuum casting machine supports materials like urethane, eopxy, ABS, PP, acrylics, rubbers, POM, and many more.
  • Objet Connex 3D Printer: support multiple-types of materials, like soft plastics and rubbers, our 3D printer is an ideal solution for your rapid prototyping needs.
  • Senju SPF-40 Soldering Machine: lead-free automatic soldering of components.
  • Yamaha YV-100II Automatic Chip Mounter: suitable for small-run production, this versatile and stable chip mounter is a key-fixture on our factory floor.
  • R-Tex A41M-81: lead-free Vacuum Reflow Machine - used in the soldering process to improve reliability of our circuit boards.
  • Ookuma MB-66VA Vertical Machining Center: capable of rotating at 15,000 times a minute, this machine is highly effective at cutting hard plastics with dimensions up to to 1500mm x 660mm x 660mm.
  • Absorption bed: for objects that can't be held by a vise, our in-house air pressurised absorption bed provides a suitable alternative.

Certifications Acquired:

  • KES2-0231
  • KES Step 2 (KES2-0237)
  • ISO9001/ISO14001
  • KES1-0010
  • KES2-0197
  • 26B3X10011 Medical Equipment Manufacturing and Sales Permit
  • 26BZ200061 Medical Equipment Manufacturing Industry Permit
  • KES2-0184
  • KES2-0239
  • KES2-0164
  • ISO21500

Potential Applications:

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Working prototype
  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Improving electronic board
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Wearables
  • Industrial Applications
  • Sports Devices
  • Toys & Games
  • Audio & Video Devices
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Tech Accessories
  • Health Devices
  • Other Technologies

Brought to you by Narimasa

CEO | Co-Founder at Makers Boot Camp
EXPERIENCES: I started to work for Future Venture Capital from 2005, where I gained experience in private equity and investment Planning Division. Since 2009, I worked additionally as incubation ...
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