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Design & Development Service for Electro-Optical Products

by from Serafim Technologies

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Serafim’s R&D team has strong and experienced design and development capability for opto-electronic products.

About this Solution:


Serafim focuses on the software and hardware integration of mobile devices and wearable mobile technology. Serafim currently provides a lineup of products and services, such as phone sensors, smart laser presentation pens, laser virtual keyboards, and handheld sensing devices just to name a few. Looking ahead, the company shall adhere to the same spirit and continue to develop more practical mobile devices for mankind in order to ensure Serafim’s new products move our hearts and enrich our lives.Our core technology contains optical, mechanical, electrical, software and firmware engineering. We provide a full range technical support even for design and development of highly customized opto-electrical products.

What kind of product we did.......

Smart Laser

Smart Laser is innovative and multi-functional. It transforms your smartphone into a mini laser pointer coupled with a stylus head, a product of excellent portability.


Shining Smart

  • Multi-color LED Flashing, Colorful and Brilliant.
  • Solid Design and Precise Machining.
  • Perfect Fit and Perfect Protection for your smart phone.
  • Shining for incoming call. Fantastic item in fashion.


Laser Virtual Keyboard

Super compact size for portability, perfect for on-the-go! English QWERTY keyboard layout eases your typing and speeds up your communication. Built-in lithium-ion-polymer rechargeable battery for mobility and convenience.


What kind of product we can support.......

We can support for Laser application Products, Such as Laser Keyboard, Laser presenter, Laser DOE module.

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About Serafim:The English name “Serafim” of Serafim Technologies Inc. is derived from “Seraphim” who is the highest rank of angel in Christian theology and a symbol of ...
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