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This Solution offers a mechanical engineering service.
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Gain deeper understanding of market needs in Taiwan and South Korea, identify suitable, direct customers

About this Solution:

The Mission:

CoreFlow develops and manufactures high-precision, advanced glass floating solutions for the thin Flat Panel Displays industry (LCD and OLED). Flat Panel Displays (FPDs) are typically used in handheld devices, laptops, and TVs.

CoreFlow works mainly with toolmakers that build high-precision glass conveying tools for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Glass Slit Coating, OLED Inkjet printing, and UV Curing systems.

The current trend in the FPD industry is to use thinner glass or polymer substrates, with the goal of handling thickness 0.2 mm or less. CoreFlow – as a leading solution provider – seeks to expand its products offering to support thin glass or polymer substrates. CoreFlow provides solutions for conveying applications that are an integrated part of FPD manufacturing tools using OLED or LCD technology. CoreFlow chose to collaborate with Anemone Ventures to develop this new market in Taiwan and Korea in an effort to gain deeper understanding of the market needs and identify suitable, direct customers. The


Serving as CoreFlow business development arm on the ground, and working in close collaboration with CoreFlow senior management and CoreFlow distributors, Anemone Ventures approached key LCD market players, including LCD fab manufactures, LCD fab automation equipment makers, and industry associations:

1. Initial efforts led to a key meeting with senior engineers including the fab director at a leading LCD maker in Taiwan. The meeting and industry ties formed as a result enabled CoreFlow to gain critical insights, understand market trends and adapt its technology road map to suit the emerging LCD glass flotation fab automation requirements.

2. Meetings with decision makers at leading fab automation equipment companies in Taiwan proceeded thereafter leading to an order from a key industry player.

3. In South Korea Anemone Ventures was able to secure a key speaking engagement with member companies of the Korean Display Association where CoreFlow’s CEO was invited to share the company’s innovative technology and his views of industry trends going forward. This positions CoreFlow as top tier technology leader in its field in front of major leading Korean companies in the display industry.

4. Ensuring seamless business continuity, Anemone Ventures activities were aligned with existing distributors’ activities without diminishing their efforts and motivation. It enhanced CoreFlow presence and created exposure to major new players in both markets.

Eric Joely, CoreFlow CEO:We launched a successful cooperation with Anemone Ventures, initiating and executing a business development activity, with top-level industry leaders in our space. Shortly after we began, we started seeing measurable results”.

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