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Buildit is an accelerator for new global success stories in hardware, creative industries and health-tech.

About this Solution:



You Get: 3 months program, 25k EUR, Prototyping facilities

We focus on hardware, creative industries and health-tech startups. Accepting startups worldwide.

During the 3 month mentoring program teams can use our prototyping tools. Startups are offered free open office space at Tartu Science Park and can test their product with end-users in a Living Lab setting. Teams also get free and discounted services from partners – that includes development tools, design services, legal and accounting services + many more.

We offer €25,000 investment to our startups in exchange for 12% shares of their company. Teams can also go for €20,000 investment in return for 9% or choose €15,000 for 6%.

For self-sufficient companies that already have funding we offer to participate in program with no investment for 3% of company shares.



Up to 10 startups globally are accepted

You should have a team of at least 2 founders and a working prototype or an idea that can be developed into a working prototype within 3 months.

More advanced teams with traction (e.g. first product on the market, working on new version) have a higher chance to get into the program.

During 3-month work, you are expected to live and work on your project in Tartu, Estonia. Our team will help you with the accommodation and settling in.

Buildit is hosted by Tartu Science Park and run by experienced international team with engineering/hardware, creative industries, business development and startups background.

At the end of the program you'll have a prototype and skill-set necessary to successfully move on to the global start-up and investor hubs.

3 month program also consists of trips to trade shows, meetups and pitching events to investors to build the network, meet manufacturing partners and attract follow-on investments.


WE HAVE: 90 mentors from 15 different countries

We have 90+ mentors from engineering to product design to Kickstarter campaigns and shipping – our mentors have various backgrounds and experiences. Whether CEOs and CTOs of worlds top hardware companies or technical geeks, designers and marketers –we make sure you get the skill set needed for your startups growth in these three months and way beyond that.




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  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Improving electronic board
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Brought to you by Aleksander

CEO, Co-Founder at Buildit Accelerator
Experiences:Co-founder & CEO @ Buildit Accelerator for Hardware StartupsInvestor in 5 Hardware Startups2 years hard- and software engineering as subcontractor5 years as system engineer building ...
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