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Bone Conduction Bluetooth Goggle

by from NeoVictory Technology Co., Ltd.

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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A high quality ski goggle with a modern look. The compact size and its structure can make it very comfortable to be used with all types of helmets.

About this Solution:

The compact size and structure can make it very comfortable to be used with all types of helmets.

The technical features can make it suitable for many kinds of activity that require eye protection and ability of communicating.

The bone conduction microphone is integrated into the frame and you can feel free to speak, absolutely heedless of environmental noise.

You can enjoy this feature when you are using the INTERCOM function, you can have non-stop link with someone who also wearing it when you’re skiing.

Its powerful battery grants you to phone with friends and listen to the music or be INTERCOM connected for a whole day when you’re in sport or work.


A Bluetooth System that has been thought with an absolutely innovative concept by using NVT bone conduction technology.

Connected with Bluetooth enabled answer phone calls, music players and GPS.

Paired with six other INTERCOM and talk one-to-one with each others up to a distance of 300 meters.

Equipped with a bone conduction microphone integrated into the frame, which is able to catch your voice directly from your nose, without traditional microphones. You can have comfortable conversation environment,.

# Answer phone calls automatically, even while listening to the music.

# Allows Voice Dial calls, when supported by mobile phones that include the Voice Dial feature.

# Equipped with lenses UV 400 Protection, Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch.

# Ensures 10 hours music playing time; 12 hours talking time, 200 hours stand-by.


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Neovictory Technology is a medium sized enterprise established on November, 2004. We focus on the research and production of bone conduction microphone.We are in cooperation with various laboratories ...
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