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BLE module

by from ElvisTek

This Solution is a hardware module.
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ElvisTek's BLE module is a low power/low cost solution which adds wireless connectivity to portable devices.

About this Solution:


· 2.4Ghz Bluetooth Module, BLEV4.0 Protocol

· PCB SMT type/ IPEX Connector

· Module size: 14mm x 17mm x 2.2mm (non‐shielding)

· Input power voltage range: DC 2.0V~DC 3.6V

· Programmable output gain, up to 4dBm

· Built‐in 8051 micro controller

(1)12 bits ADC input x8

(2)Programmable USART x2, support several serial protocols

(3)16 bits & 8 bits PWM output

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About Elvis:Elvis Technology Corporation Ltd. focuses on developing wireless-enabled modules and products to help customers build cheaper, more convenient wireless working environment, including ...
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