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BiTHouse was created to find. share. align. fund and promote innovative ideas and disruptive technology solutions of entrepreneurs and technologists.

About this Solution:


Gartner predicts that there will be 25 billion connected devices by 2020 (3 for every person on the planet) to build the Internet of Things (IoT). Five billion things will connected by the end of 2015. This digital transformation has been instigated by a "nexus of forces." The nexus includes social apps, the cloud, mobile, and is elevated by the IoT. Consumers, businesses, governments, health institutions and many others are identifying new ways to utilize and enhance technology. Gartner predicts that IoT will support total services spending of $69.5 billion in 2015 and $263 billion by 2020. The consumer sector is predicted to utilize approximately 2.9 billion connected things in 2015 growing to some 13 billion in 2020.


BiTHouse is an initiative inclusive of those wanting to create, utilize and adopt innovative technology solutions as more things become connected. By default connected things will cultivate and encourage inclusive societies. BiTHouse is a mentorship driven business development cultivator supporting early stage social impact, healthcare and technology ventures founded by women, minorities and EU founders. We “Minimize Barriers to Entry” for these groups by providing both mentoring and consultation in order to provide them with tools and resources needed for entrepreneurial and funding success. We provide an educational and collaborative environment to share, learn, connect, align, innovate, fund, launch, and market innovative and disruptive technology solutions needed for the future.


WE CONNECT THE DOTS ...BiTHouse provides mentorship, organizes workshops, panels and events aligned with brands and organizations interested in unique technology solutions inspired by Europeans, youth, women, people of color and the EU. BiTHouse provides an environment and aids with the cultivation of mindsets, enabling individuals to identify with whom they are, express their "out of the box" ideas, build upon their technology concepts and strategically market and align their innovations.


We are a group of seasoned business professionals who are experts in various areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics). Our diversity enables us to "bridge the gap" between mainstream networks and cultural assets which are essential resources to sustain the growth and development of future technology solutions. We inspire, motivate, mentor and educate those interested in becoming entrepreneurs and pursuing careers in technology. We are inclusive of those from various countries, cultural backgrounds, educational experiences and mindsets due to who we are as a collective. We are a global network of professional individuals who are experts in our areas of focus.


BiTHouse is inclusive of those worldwide. We cultivate, mentor and support women, minority and EU founders specifically because they are key players in the consumer marketplace. We call these folks "CHANGE AGENTS." Their creative, social and professional input is essential in order to develop and enable sustainable technology solutions needed to meet the needs of future generations.

Startup Tips

We provide startup founders with resources and tips to empower and enable them to turn their ideas into viable businesses. Prototyping and telling your story on a regular basis leads to customers, business sustainability and financial success.

Our Focus


  • Health Care Disparities and Disabilities
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Minority Profiles
  • Digital Literacy
  • VR
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion


Executives, thought leaders, and expert speakers share their best practices and case studies around IoT-empowered products, services, and solutions. They will provide examples about how those solutions have:

BiTHouse IoT/IoE

In 2015 BiTHouse will work with global leaders to help implement strategies that minimize the gap between the connected and the solutions that connect them. Our goal is to work with the EU as well as the USA to minimize barriers to entry and to help organizations and government engage with their diverse client base. By taking into account diversity amongst customers and consumers we work with organizations to solidify business and technology strategies needed to provide seamless solutions needed to integrate things into systems and processes for the future. Our focus is on Mobility, Energy, Manufacturing, and Connected Home/Building/Cities. IoT and IoE aids with the following:

  • improved business processes
  • enables new business models and brings new revenue channels to life
  • streamlines and automates processes, and/or
  • makes the lives of others safer, easier, or more comfortable.

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Proof of concept
  • Working prototype
  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Improving electronic board
  • Sports Devices
  • Audio & Video Devices
  • Tech Accessories
  • Health Devices
  • Science Gadgets

Brought to you by Jewell

CEO at Strategic Diversity Group
EXPERIENCES:Jewell Sparks the CEO of Strategic Diversity Group Inc ( and the founder of The BiTHOUSE, an initiative focused on fostering opportunities, cultivating ...
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