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BeRobot – Robotic Scientific education development Kits

by from GeStream Technology inc

This Solution offers a component design service.
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As a robotic technology company, we are dedicated to providing innovative robots that are affordable and easy to use.

About this Solution:


As many humanoid robot in the market, designed on the size of 30cm tall and 1.5Kg weight, is too heavy to take along and its 10kg-cm (servo) torque is too dangerous to the environment. Therefore, GeStream Technology Inc. designed a special mini servo to build the special mini humanoid robot – BeRobot stands at only 15cm tall with full high tech robotic functions to provide a new era solution for edutainment market.


BeRobot is a robotic and scientific education development platform, which including a BeRobot motion commander, it is a user friendly graphic interface that even a beginner can easy control the robot with his imagination, such as: twisting、bending down、bending knees、dancing、 pushing up、walking、standing by one foot、Tai-ji-quan、playing foot ball.... The BeRobot can be re-configured as many different types by its re-assembly mechanism design, you can reconstruct your BeRobot as robotic dog、robotic dinosaur、robotic scorpion、robotic arm...,even aspiring your dreamed transformer. Besides, you can also programming its CPU firmware to design your request or upgrade its function/sensors by plug-in additional module.

With BeRobot, you can learn mechanism design、automatic design、mechanical and electrical design、motion balance、programming design...all the robotic technology. Besides, you can learn how to build and control the BeRobot by the user manual/course CD or download newest motions to upgrade the BeRobot. BeRobot has multi function mode:Program mode,Online Control mode, Remote Control mode,Interactive mode,Time Froze mode.

【BeRobot intelligent Motion designer】

Compare to the complicated Human-Machine Interaction Interface of most robot in the market, we design a user friendly and intelligent graphic control Human-Machine Interaction interface for the BeRobot, It can smartly help you over stride the barrier of robotic technology to design robot motions and reactions with its stability and flexibility intuition control board.

The intelligent robotic motion control designer can real-time control and edit 1~16 Degree of Freedom, set up each motion speed, set up each motion travelling time, define 18 function keys of the infrared remote controller, define the reaction of light sensors、touch sensor and expansion IO, to make the robot move as your wish.

We also provide Robotic SDK for user to programming their applications in Microsoft MSDN environment. (ex, Visual Basoc)


【Multi functional robotic controller】

You can directly communicate with the BeRobot controller via USB、ZigBee、GPIO、blue tooth、Infrared remote controller、mobile phone....There are 16 DOF controller、24 DOF controller、and 32 DOF controller which already built-in with sensors and 8 GPIO for connecting our external sensors or controllers,such as: Gyro、Speed sensor、Ultra sonic sensor、RC controller、Bluetooth controller、ZigBee controller、 Voice command controller、Video controller、2G/3G mobile phone controller....


【Mini Robotic Servo Motor】

When designing robots, traditional servo motor can not satisfy the special request of high torque、high stability and reliability、high precision、long time playing、over current protection、 over force protection, therefore, we designed the special robotic servo – BeRobot Servo.

By connecting BeRobot Servos with BeRobot Al-Mg alloy Linkages, user can make kinds of transformers and produce lots of interesting robot motions.

【Most valuable Safety、Lightly、Variety and Functions】

BeRobot is a scientific experiment package for all kinds of students/engineers from elementary school to graduate school, research institute.

We design it with lightly weight, little servo torque, high quality Al-Mg alloy material and ROHS compatible materials to prevent from harming students.

When you learn controlling BeRobot, it means you can control many kinds of multi-degree industrial robot, and even more, you can expand your RC controlling pleasure by expanding many sensors. BeRobot is one of the most valuable robotic development package with the advantage of safety、lightly、variety and many functions.

BeRobot have a family: 11DOF mini BeRobot、8DOF BeRobot Legs、BeRobot dogs、 BeRobot dinosaur、BeRobot scorpion、BeRobot auto car、、BeRobot Arm.

Power your imagination now to make the robot to Be your dreamed Robot!

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Brought to you by Sean

CEO at GeStream Technology inc
ABOUT GeStream:GeStream is a Robotic Designer, we design and manufacture education robots, security robots, industrial robots, servo motor, control board, sensors and key components in Taiwan. The ...
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