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by from Shenzhen Rich Electronics Co., Ltd.

This Solution offers an ODM/OEM/EMS service.
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Excellent supplier for automobile Application for car manufacturers ,specialize in Car Electronics, Digital TV

About this Solution:

Shenzhen Rich Electronics Co., Ltd. found in 2011, is subordinate enterprise of Hunan Rich Group, which is the vehicle electronics and service provider to serve the characteristic car owner, intelligent driving solution provider and the manufacturer of digital TV STB and other consumer electronics.

Rich Electronics focus on independent R&D, manufacture and market of automotive GPS navigation audio systems, intelligent information systems, anti-thief security system, intelligent reversing systems series products and provides vehicle networking information services, involved in automobile precision parts manufacturing, mold development, car small appliances and car decorate exquisite article realm area, committed to cooperate with car manufacturer and also domain and overseas automotive market to create an integrated industrial chain of automotive electronics.

Major Business:

  • EMS for Automotive Electronics


Car Electronics:

Car Digital Driving Record (Model No.: DVR106)


  • HD Video: up to 1280*720@30fps
  • Loop recording: keep the most currently driving information
  • Auto functioning: recording started on car ignition, stop on car turn-off
  • Wide angle: 120-degree lens to keep wide viewing angle
  • Timestamp: keep the date-time information within the driving recording
  • 2.4-inch Flipped TFT LCD screen: easy set and playback opeating
  • 4* Digital zooming: better photo performance
  • SDHC memory card: up to 32GB capacity, keep as more information as possible
  • AV out jack: playback recordings on almost all kind of TVs

Night Vision System (Model No.: NVS109):


  • Supports 1 Night Vision camera input
  • Image sensor: Low illumination High Sensitivity 1/3” color CCD(0.015 Lux.)
  • Sensor pixels: NTSC:537*505 270K, PAL: 537*597 320K for Night Vision camera
  • Resolution: 370TVL
  • Supports 1 Night Vision camera output to car monitor(1.0Vp-p composite video at 75 ohm with monitor output)
  • Output frame rate 30fps(depends on illumination)
  • Visible range at night: 150M(depends on illumination of road)
  • Min. illumination: 0.1 Lux. (moon light to start light)
  • Video display: color above 2~3 Lux., mono(black and white) under 2~3 Lux.
  • White balance mode ATW/AWC ,Range:3,200~10,000 ºK
  • Support DVR Drive Recorder recording(color or mono depends on illumination)
  • Car installation feasibility: with adjustable Night Vision Camera module to fit various angles of car windshield 20º~ 90º
  • Built-in 1 POWER switch on camera module : press the switch to initiate Night Vision System when driving in dark night or making drive recording
  • Support 1 external power switch : in special type of vehicle, if the built-in POWER switch is not convenient for driver to reach.
  • Support car reverse signal input when using the car reverse video input as Night Vision video input to car monitor
  • Support car reverse video and Night Vision video switching on car monitor by detection car reverse signal
  • Support AUX-in or AV-in input when using AUX-in or AV-in input as Night Vision video input to car monitor

ISDB-T Full Seg. Mobile STB (Model No.:CI350SI)


  • Japan B-CAS supported
  • Multi-language menu supported
  • Humanistic user interface
  • VBI&OSD Teletext
  • Weekly EPG
  • DVB subtitle
  • Channels searched and manual, automatically
  • Software u[grade via USB port and OTA are supported
  • 32 digit true color OSD
  • Power off memory
  • DDR2 supported

Our Facilities:

  • Engineering Labs


  • Automation Development (such as deploying DIP instead of Manual insertion)
  • Tooling Design & Fabrication

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

  • Auto Applications

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This Solution is most applicable for the following stages and categories:

  • Enhancing industrial design
  • Improving electronic board
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Auto Applications

Brought to you by Simon

Oversea sales Director at Shenzhen Rich Electronics Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Rich Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is a subordinate enterprise of Hunan Rich Group, which is a vehicle electronics and service provider. We serve car owners, intelligent driving ...
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