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Automobile transmission Prototypes

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This Solution offers a mechanical engineering service.
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The parts were machined by 5-axis CNC machining(by six faces), The material is AL 6061-T6, and the size is 250mm*510mm*250mm.

About this Solution:

We can offer the these high precision CNC parts for automotive application.

This is a demo case of Gearbox. the specification:

1. Part size: 250mm*510mm*250mm

2. Material:AL 6061-T6.

3. Material size: 235mm*450mm*515mm

4. Processing mothed: 5-axis CNC machining(by six faces).

5. Processing equipment: DMU850.

6. Programming time: 12 days.

7. Processing time: 15 days(360 hours).

8. Minimumcutter: R1.5.

9: Surface roughness: RA3.2.

10: Precision: ISO Tolerance II levels.

11: The cost of Material: 9500(RMB)

12. QC Inspection: Three dimensional inspection( take 7 days time).






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