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AStar Wireless Control Module and Base board

by from AStar Design Service Technologies

This Solution offers a component design service.
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Development board including wireless control module.

About this Solution:

AStar-tek are glad to announce the availability of the Wireless Control Module and Base board, a low-cost development platform featuring a powerful SiP Solution.

AStar Wireless Control Module can provide 802.11 b/g/n control protocol to link what you want to control device through I2C, GPIO, UART!

The hardware specifications for the Wireless Control Module and Base board are the following:

ARM926EJ-S 32-bits RISC CPU with 8KB I-Cache & 8KB D-Cache Frequency up to 200MHz Embedded 16-bit SDRAM DDR2 32MB(8MB) 1.8V CCIR601 &CCIR656 interfaces supported for connection to CMOS image sensor Capture resolution up to 2M pixel YUV422 and RGB565 color format supported for dat-in from CMOS sensor Baseline Sequential mode JPEG codec function compliant with ISO/IEC 10918-1 internation JPEG standard supportedAudio DAC 16-bit stereo DAC supported with headphone driver out Interface to micro-SD cards support USB1.1 for debug High speed USB ports IEEE 802.11n(HT20 MCS7), IEEE 802.11g(OFDM 54Mbps) and IEEE 802.11b (DSSS11Mbps) Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard and it can provide up to 72Mbps(GI=400ns) for IEEE 802.11n, 54Mbps for IEEE 802.11g, 11Mbps for 802.11b to connect your wireless LANDimension and Placement


Application: Embedded System , IP CAM , Toy , WiFi Remote Control

Software and OS : Linux 2.6.35

Business Module: ODM

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