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9D Virtual Reality Cinema

by from ShenZhen Jingmin Digital Machine Co.,Ltd.

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9D virtual reality cinema is new technology in the market, amazing 360 degree viewing can bring you unforgetable experience

About this Solution:

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. It is new technology developed by Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine Cor., Ltd. it can magically become variety of adventure game equipment in top amusement part at any time. Create a 360-degree real adventure game device experience lifelike scenes, immersive virtual reality and interactive experience brought to mind the occupant class entertainment shock, the weightlessness, drift, centrifugal force feelings is more horrible and excitement than playing a true large pendulum, horror roller coaster and other adventure stimulate amusement equipments in theme park


1. There is no need screen and projectors in 9D VR cinema. Just wear the VR glasses,then feel what you see.
2. The players in 9D VR cinema can fully immersive.
3. Don't need cabin for the cinema,can be installed both indoor and outdoor
4. Small space required

5. Suitable for all age groups public consumption, Novel and strange, repeated consumption, long-term profitability

6. Convenient operation, strong profitability, less investment, quick returns

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Potential Applications:


1. Can be used as an entertainment toy business in both indoor and outdoor, such as squares, parks, recreation halls, airports, clubs, KTV, fitness areas, science museums, museums and so on.
2. Science, education, exhibitions, fairs, store openings and other occasions
3. Used for everything you need to quickly attract traffic, attention, concern business occasions

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