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4G mobile router solution

by from Junying Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

This Solution offers a component design service.
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The use of 4G network as the carrier, through rapid deployment, Low input, simple operation and maintenance, high security and other features。

About this Solution:

The use of 4G network as the carrier, through rapid deployment,
Low input, simple operation and maintenance, high security and other features, the full liberation of the traditional wired network, so that business really "mobile"


High load, high intelligence, high security, security business security available

High load


Full-range disaster recovery to ensure business continuity; full-4G support all operators; Featured ITO "accelerated" business transmission

High intelligence


Backup link availability Manual / automatic detection ensures that services are not interrupted after link switching

High security


In line with the National Bureau of IPSec VPN specification to support professional CA certificate management, location-based GIS equipment and status, security equipment and the normal operation.

Certifications Acquired:

Potential Applications:

ITO intelligent transmission optimization, to ensure the bearing capacity of the business

ITO technology to accelerate the wireless link TCP, real-time to determine the availability of 4G bandwidth, and intelligent scheduling of traffic, to avoid the base station switching business card to ensure the smooth transmission of high-definition video.

Backup link availability detection to ensure service continuity

Manual, automatic detection of backup lines, and timely warning to protect the backup link flow.
Detection of backup link 3G / 4G dial-up, and through the IPSec first and second stage of negotiations to protect the backup link availability.

Based on GIS positioning equipment, security business security

RG-SNC network management can be based on GIS positioning equipment, clear and intuitive display of equipment location and status, visual understanding of business operations; equipment, active alarm zone to protect equipment security.

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