Zongyuan Yu
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Company Website: Stargeek Acclerator

With the development of industrial synergy, Stargeek Accelerator, located in Shenzhen-the center of Pearl River Delta, offers another brand new solution for venture teams.

As the first incubator in China that has the ability to solve problems in supply chain area of hardware, Stargeek concentrates on Hardware Venture (combination of software and hardware, artificial intelligence, intelligent machine, consumer hardware, wearable devices, intellectualized medical instrument, etc), accompanied with venture accelerating, investment, cloud factory and supply chain services.

With a background of intelligent hardware and the industrial clusters in Pearl River Delta, the soft supply chain service provided by Stargeek can break and recombine existing solutions to change the supply chain service for vertical industry into the combination of vertical and horizontal service.

Meanwhile, Stargeek can also find specific suppliers so that targeted service can be provided to venture teams.