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We are an US based EMS company and have over 25 years for EMS business. We have facilities in both China (500 employees in Dong Guan) and USA (300 employees in Silicon Valley). We are very flexible to support any business without MOQ request. We have 18 English-speaking Project Managers that are dedicated for western Creators. We have years experiences to support customers. We have extensive engineering network to provide solution for technical challenges. We are a service-oriented company and we could provide various kinds of service like Engineering service, Sourcing, Tooling for metal and plastic, Oackage design, PCBA, Assembly, DFM, Certifications, Document support and Logistic, etc.

About AQS

Since 1991, Your One-Stop Engineering, Prototyping, and Manufacturing Solution.

AQS has been a part of the Silicon Valley community for over 20 years, growing from our initial location in San Jose, to our current 80,000 square foot facility in Fremont. We have evolved into a provider of turn-key electronics manufacturing and engineering solutions, from design to prototyping to mass production. With our diversified areas of expertise, global resources, proven processes, and skilled employees, we have positioned ourselves to provide the best value manufacturing and engineering support.

Our partners value AQS’s flexibility, adaptability, and high standards. As your partner, our pride and sense of ownership will follow your product through development, production, and into the market.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Full Box Assembly
New Product Introduction/Prototyping
Design for Manufacturability/Design for Test
Electrical, Mechanical, and Industrial Design Support


Medical Devices


Consumer Electronics





We provide personalized services, quality processes, and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities:

Whether for simple or complex boards, consigned or turn-key, no matter the quantity, AQS delivers the same high quality, quick time-to-market service that has made us a trustworthy source of electronic manufacturing solutions. With over 20 years of PCBA expertise, AQS continuously stays abreast of the latest board assembly technologies and techniques.


SMT Board Assembly, Single and Double Sided

01005 Component Placement

POP (Package On Package)

BGA & Micro BGA (Ball Grid Array)

QFP, QFN, & AQFN (Advanced Quad Flat No-Leads)

RoHS/Non-RoHS Compliant Assembly

Clean or No clean process

Mixed Technologies (Through-Hole and SMT)

100% Material Procurement, 100% Consigned Material Management, or hybrid

High Speed Automation
MPM Screen Printers
Panasonic High Speed Machines (Chip Shooter)
Juki 2080-E Machines
Feeder Trolley System
Vitronics XPM2 Reflow Ovens
Vitronics Soltec Delta Wave Solder Systems
AOI Synbion S-36 Machines
FeinFocus FXS-160.40 X-ray Machines
Component Packages Including
BGA (ceramic, metal, plastic)
As small as 01005 chip-type component placement

(2)Prototyping/New Product Introduction

Transitioning from development to product launch doesn’t have to be complicated. AQS’ robust NPI department is accustomed to the fast-paced, fluid environment of prototyping and first article runs. Start-ups benefit from having a mature manufacturing partner, and established firms can easily integrate AQS into this crucial phase.


Our engineers can provide DFM to optimize your product for industrialization, and your project manager will work closely with you to guide you through the manufacturing process, meet your schedule, and achieve your project goals.

PCBA and Full Electromechanical Prototyping (Box Build)
Turn-key or Consigned
1st Articles
Intelligent Supply Chain Tailoring
RoHS Conversion
Alternate Component Sourcing
Documentation and Certification Support
Design for Manufacturability
Design for Testability
SMT Conversion
Complete Test Capabilities
Easily Scale to Mass Production


AQS provides complete chassis build, box build and system integration equipped and organized specifically for electro-mechanical assembly, testing, packaging, warehousing and shipping. Our skilled technicians have experience building a wide variety of finished products. We can to ship to you, your distribution channel, or your end customer.

Although designing, prototyping and assembling PCBs is a traditional portion of our business, our manufacturing expertise is not limited to PCB assembly services. Many of our customers look to us to deliver complete sub-assemblies or finished products on a turn-key or consigned inventory basis. We offer a full suite of electronic and electro-mechanical services including:

Material Procurement
Consigned Material Management
Plastic or Metal Enclosure
Complex Final Assembly
Encapsulation and Conformal Coating
Functional Testing and QA
Environmental Stress Screening
Burn-In Testing
Labeling and Bar Coding
Documentation Inclusion
Customized Logistics (including JIT and Kanban Support)


AQS’s offers a variety of testing solutions. We have both in-circuit and functional testing of electronic assemblies. Our Testing Department is staffed by engineers with over 20 years of experience developing effective test methodologies. We can utilize your existing test fixtures or design them ourselves to save your time.


Functional Test

AQS is equipped and capable of performing functional tests based on customer-specific requirements. We work closely with our customers to insure the optimal test program is implemented.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

AQS utilizes the M&S Electronics NSPEC18 to complement inspection and test for printed circuit boards with higher accuracy than human inspection.

In-Circut Testing

AQS utilizes the Teradyne ESI-1004, enabling rapid programming and fast In-Circut Testing (ICT) of low volume production, including prototypes, without the high cost of dedicated fixtures.


AQS uses the latest X-Ray technology for verification and failure analysis of solder joints, in particular for use on Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs). This advanced X-ray inspection technique provides more effective quality control, improved failure analysis, and enhanced process control to give increased quality and first time test yields. Copies of X-ray photographs can be supplied to customers to fulfill their requirements for quality recording.


The AQS Supply Chain Management solution removes the need for the OEM to deal directly with procurement and allows you to consolidate your supply chain and optimize production turn-around times. Your AQS team will work with you to develop the best supply chain and purchasing, build, and shipping strategy.


Kanban Solution

Our Kanban solution ensures that we have your product on-time, every time. We have successfully implemented both a 3 box bin and MinMax system for our customers advantage. The key benefits of these solutions are that you minimize inventory and ensure on-time delivery for your product.

Just In Time

By implementing our JIT production strategy, we will reduce the in-process inventory and any associated carrying costs for your project.

Material Resource Planning (MRP)

Our MRP system is homegrown and unique in the sense that it can be easily modified for each project. Our system is run everyday which ensures that we can meet our customers’ needs quickly and efficiently.

RMA & Warranty

Our skilled team of technicians provide brand name electronic companies with after-market services. Our service center is designed for rapid-repairs and expertly handles refurbishing and re-manufacturing.

(6) Google Ara Hardware

AQS Inc. is one of Google Ara’s development partners and began engineering and production support during the early Ara prototype phase. AQS broadly provides design, production, and logistics support. For Google, AQS provided design and design review support of the Ara, modules, and developer kits including the application processor, endoskeleton, and general end point development board. AQS produced the initial Ara building blocks providing PCB layout support, three day turns on procurement, and one to two day turns on proto-type builds.

The Google Ara Module Developers Kit (MDK) defines the Ara platform for module developers and provides reference implementations for various design features. Throughout 2014, the Google Project Ara team will be working on a series of alpha and beta MDK releases. Google has asked AQS to distribute a limited quantity of prototype hardware including development boards and electro-permanent magnets. In addition to making these available, AQS will provide Ara developers with design and layout services for Ara form factor modules based on existing templates.

As a Google Ara partner, AQS is pleased to provide support to Ara developers including design, assembly, and logistics support. Please contact AQS at ARA-support@aqs-inc.com to inquire about development kits and to obtain Ara module development support. Below is a partial list of services that AQS offers the Ara developer community.


Design services start with a customer submitting a module specification. AQS then reviews and engineers those into functioning prototypes. From there mechanical and electrical models are created such that customer modules can be handed off for pilot to mass production.

Hardware consulting services for the Ara development kit and module prototyping.
Component sourcing for custom module designs.
Schematic capture and PCB layout services for modules.
Mechanical / electrical form and fit design for each size of Ara module.

Design for Manufacturing and Test

Once design is complete, AQS provides full design to manufacturing review. This includes pre and post routing review for PCB layout and electro mechanical form and fit review. Based on the finalized designs, AQS can also develop test fixtures to perform in-circuit and / or functional testing of module products before they are shipped to customers.

Design for Manufacturing.
Design for Test.
Design and development of module testing jigs for high volume production.

Logistics Support and Order Fulfillment

Once modules have been handed to production, AQS provides logistics support to package modules and fulfill distribution orders.

Design and production of retail packaging.
Quick turnaround for proto-type builds.
Pilot run to production support.
Logistic services and distribution of finished goods.

Through these services AQS helps Ara developers create custom modules with high quality in a scalable fashion from design to distribution. For more information, and to request support for your Ara module, please contact ARA-support@aqs-inc.com .