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Ningbo Hi-tech Easy Choice Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise. With good credit, excellent service, the company has established long-term relations of cooperation with many large enterprises, government departments and large masses of users. The company is professional in providing intelligent electronic control board develop service, mechanical and electrical control product design, single chip microcomputer development, circuit design and after-production testing services.

As long as you put forward your functional requirement of the product, or even just an idea, we can design the control circuit of the product according to your requirement to realize the function that you want.

We have strong research and development ability, perfect supplier system and strict quality control system, which can perfectly complete electronic product project design, component selection and procurement, SMT paster processing and after-welding assembly, function testing and aging and other integrated services.

Based on our accumulated experience of single chip microcomputer application design and development, we have a lot of successful cases such as the 8-bit 51 series, MSP430 series, Microchip 8-bit / 16 series, 161 and 166 series of 16-bit, cy8c24 and cy8c29 series of cypress, 32-bit TI, ATMEL, ST, ARM series, STmicroelectronics series etc.

The high-precision, high-density circuit boards produced by the company are widely used in computer, communications, aerospace equipment, automotive, power supply, LED lighting and general consumer electronics and other fields. The products pass UL certification; conform to the requirements of the EU RoHS directive, performance achieves CE, IPC and MIL standards. Based on the spirit of "win-win cooperation", the company takes efforts to provide quality services for all new and old customers, and provide the latest products with eternal credibility, excellent quality, perfect service for the customer; products are widely exported to various regions.

Through years of experience in PCB manufacturing and surface mount technology, and advanced plant equipment, we have formed close collaborative relations with upstream suppliers, service providers, and downstream customers. Products involve automotive electronics, home appliances, electronic information, mechanical and electrical equipment, industrial automation control and other more than ten industries. By virtue of short development cycle, excellent and efficient design, stable and reliable product quality, and circumspect service, we have won good reputation among customers all over the domestic regions, South Korea, the United States, Israel, Iran and other countries and regions.


Design technique


1) Embedded operating system (any kind of OS kernel of Android, Linux, WINCE, uITRON, eCOS), including file system based on FLASH Memory.For example: Samsung S3C2416X,ARM926EJ; ATMEL AT91SAM9G45,ARM926EJ; Cortex A8, DM3730, AM3703 SoC,1GHz;

2) IrDA and USB communication technology, 232 communications, 485 communications, network card communications, GPRS communication, 802.11b wireless communication, GPS, etc.

3) Color LCD (TFT screen) and black and white LCD driver.

4) Infrared remote control technology

5) Power control PWM, and battery charging and standby charging technology.

6) Compact embedded system database technology.

7) Fingerprint recognition technology.

8) PLC series industrial control technology.

9) CAN business technology.

10) Servo motor control technology design.

Product design


Our R&D team is familiar with both the domestic and foreign advanced technologies, and has participated in robotics research and development. The team has a wide variety of experiences and skills derived from years working in various industries. The team has developed more than 100 different kinds of products, involving industrial electrical equipment, packaging machinery, medical equipment, fitness equipment, remote control lock, RF induction, power module, and home appliances.



The company has a strong manufacturing capacity with the ability to build the product from design to production. We are committed to delivering high quality products for our clients, and will give a full refund in the event of R&D failure. However, with our capacity and experience, we are able to handle all uncontrollable factors along the way, and thus relieving the customer of any concerns.


USB charging control panel


Infrared intelligent WiFi socket control panel


LINUX embedded intelligent control panel





The formation of smart appliances is the microprocessor and computer technology into the home appliance home appliance products, with automatic monitoring failure, automatic measurement, automatic control, automatic control and remote control center communication function of home appliances and equipment. At present our company has developed a juicer control board, control board, paper shredder, steam cooker control panel, and battery voltage test control board.



The world's leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers and service providers.

Intel control


Control theory is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and mathematics, mainly in power system with input signal behavior. External input system called "reference value", one or more variables in the system with the reference value changes, the input of the system controller, the system output to get the expected results. The control theory of general purpose by the action of the controller for system stability is maintained in the system settings, but not in the set value of shaking.

Smart home


APP mobile


ANDROID, IOS mobile phone APP, PHP, JAVAWEB.NET website and database and other related software design and development