Yung Shen
Yung Shen
Sales Engineer at Canonical
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: Canonical

Ubuntu delivered by Canonical

About Ubuntu and Canonical

Canonical is the company behind Canonical. Our mission is to make open source software available to people everywhere. We believe the best way to fuel innovation is to give the innovators the technology they need.

Ubuntu is an Open Source Operating System that driven by a belief that software should be free and accessible to all.

Ubuntu Core - the secure OS for Internet of things

“ Ubuntu Core provides transactional updates with rigorous application isolation. This is the smallest, safest Ubuntu ever, on devices and on the cloud. We’re excited to unleash a new wave of developer innovation with snappy Ubuntu Core! ” - Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical.


About me

I started my career as globalization quality assurance for enterprise level software, then I jump into a OEM/ODM working with USB compliance program.

Now I am fully dedicated in making sure the experiences quality for Ubuntu across devices. I believed in open source and open design. "Internet of things" is going to be a long-term transition, and the whole software layer should be powered by a more transparency technologies, if not I will push it from here.