Yung Jui Chen
Yung Jui Chen
Salesman at Joint Tech Electronic Platform Ltd.
New Taipei, Taiwan
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JTEP's founder has extensive cross by IT and electronics manufacturing fields, was established in July 2014, aims to set up innovative business models, the series end manufacturing to the design, designers can shop on the internet to do their own network marketing, and you do not need to go to manage suppliers directly to the stage in jtep can immediately drag the pulldown menu mode or manner draw offer, shelves and sales, as long as the buyers about the single, jtep platform will be directly connected to the factory-time production, shipping and receiving payment once, the platform will share the profit to the shops to assembly plants, parts factories achieve win-win situation.




1. Computer:

- NobeBook internal wiring (LVDS Panel cable group, cable) - PC internal wiring (ATA cable, SATA cable, FFC soft cable, the DC power wiring, power supply 4P line group,SATA power line, the line of separation, SCSI Cable, SAS Cable)

- Monitor VGA D-SUB line group, DVI cable group

- UPS, SPS, VIDEO, AUDIO, VTR, CRT, FAX Machine wiring combination

- LCD Monitor backlight module (high-voltage winding)

- USB, IEEE1394, Mini Din, Din, etc. Cable

- PS / 2, RS232, RS48

2.Network Communications:

- CAT5, CAT6, telephone lines, telephone Jack, Plug, network crystal head

- TV RG58, RG6

- F head

3. Electronic Product Categories:

- DC Wire, the line of separation, RCA, cigar head

- CCD monitoring system (II lines, waterproof wire, 30M extension cord)

- Cold cathode fluorescent lamp wiring, integrated solutions


- Power motor wiring (single grain insulated end)

- Y-end round end, power wiring, 4Awg ~ 32Awg wire

- The Line of Control

- Gaming machine wiring

5.Steam Locomotive:- Power cable

- XLR, TRS, S terminal



- M5, M8, M12, M22 Waterproof Connector Wire

- DC Plug Waterproof Connector

- Mini DIN Waterproof Connector