Yukito Inoue
Yukito Inoue
Product Engineer at Sony
Tokyo, Japan
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MESH is a tool that let you explore the world of IoT (Internet of things) using everyday objects.
Just attach your MESH tag to any physical object,
and connect it with various connected devices and Internet applications on the MESH app.
Your own personal IoT (Internet of Things) system is created, just like that!
No matter what your knowledge level, MESH is easy to use. There is no need for electronics or programming expertise.
Simply drag and drop to connect the icons on the MESH app.

MESH: creative DIY platform that lets you make your own inventions

Just connect in the app

You don’t need advanced technical training or tools to use MESH.

If you want to “turn on an LED light when you press a button,” drag and drop the button icon and the LED light icon on the MESH App – Once you connect the icons together, a cheerful ping sound indicates the connection.

And just like that, you have created the mechanism for turning the LED light on when the button is pressed.

With MESH, you can:

- Connect to various internet services (e.g. Gmail and IFTTT)

- Connect to various wireless devices (e.g. Phillips Hue, Olympus Air)

- Control functions on your iPhone or iPad (e.g. camera, speaker, microphone)

...plus, more features and tags are on their way!


MESH Tags have variety of functions including motion sensor/LED/button/brightness sensor and many more.
They are connected to the MESH App wirelessly and their compact shapes enable them to be easily attached or built into something. Unleash your creativity by combining them together!



It glows in different colors

With an LED Tag, you can…

  • Get e-mail notifications by the tag lighting up.
  • Let it tell you the weather outside by glowing in different colors.

Button Tag

Button Tag

It’s a simple button

With a Button Tag, you can…

  • Remotely control your phone’s camera.
  • Press the button for sound effects.


Motion Tag

Motion Tag

It detects human movement

With a Motion Tag, you can…

  • Put it in the hallway and have an alarm go off if anyone walks by.
  • Automatically take a picture when someone enters the room.

Move Tag

Move Tag

It is triggered by movement

With a Move Tag, you can…

  • Add sound effects to your sword fights.
  • Make your toy speak when you shake it.


Brightness Tag

Brightness Tag

It detects changes in brightness

With a Brightness Tag, you can…

  • Play a recorded birthday message when a gift box is opened.
  • Get notifications when someone opens your secret drawer.


Temperature & Humidity Tag

Temperature & Humidity Tag

It detects changes in temperature and humidity

With a Temperature & Humidity Tag, you can…

  • Get notifications when a room is too cold or too dry.
  • Check your room temperature from a remote location.



It enables you to enjoy wireless electronic kits and more

With a GPIO Tag, you can…

  • Power a motor, attach it to a toy, and bring the toy to life!
  • Make you own circuit by passing an electric current through connected metallic materials.

MESH is Sony's first entrepreneurship project.

*Joined as an Mechanical Engineer to make a 3rd prototype to mass production of 4types of MESH Tags.

*Designed all mechanical parts, Managed all packaging parts.

*Electrical parts layout is optimized so that achieve the cosmetic design and size.

*Corporation with cosmetic designer and other electrical engineers.

*Use of 3D printing and laser cutting for prototype.

*Decide evaluation items, do design evaluation, guaranty quality and reliability.

*Developed overall 3D model with parametric modeling.

*Developed additional 3types of MESH Tags in 5 months or less.

*Also played a roll as one of the project manager thorough this project. Schedule, task management.

*Also played a roll as one of business development team of MESH.

*Planing and running workshops, exhibitions.

*MESH wins the iF Gold Award(2016),

Design for the Future Award Winner Selected in the Best 100, Good Design Award 2015.

Design of Playstation 4

*Joined as an Mechanical Engineer from basic study to mass production of Playstation 4 first model.

*Designed central frame of Playstation 4 (Most complicated parts of PS4 and several tens of additional mold, 2-3 million production per month).

*Electrical parts layout, thermal efficiency, mechanical strength, mold flow, appearances are optimized so that achieve the cosmetic design and size, other specs.

*Corporation with cosmetic designer and other electrical engineers.

*Patent No.WO2014185311

Design of vertical stand of Playstation 4

*Designed all mechanical parts of vertical stand of Playstation 4 CUH-ZST1J

*Electrical parts layout, thermal efficiency, mechanical strength, mold flow, appearances are optimized so that achieve the cosmetic design and size, other specs.

*Also played a roll as the project manager thorough this model. Schedule, task management.

*In that same period design of Playstation 4.

*JP Patent No.2014-239165

*Patent No.US20140364047, EP2811215, CN104244637A

Design of Playstation 3 Slim

*design of small parts, jig, heat sink JP patent No.2011-198860

- PlayStation3 CECH-2100(2009)

*design of FAN, heastink - PlayStation3 CECH-2500(2010)

*design of thermal: FAN, duct cover shape, heatsink, - PlayStation3 CECH-3000(2011)

*design of mechanical switch, exterior parts, power module, rubber parts - PlayStation3 CECH-4000(2012)

*JP patent No.2012-225227, 2012-227295, 2012-227296, 2012-243961, 2013-222774, 2013-222775

*Patent No.US20110226451, US20120262878, US20140036440, US8811018

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