Yuanqiang Mo
Yuanqiang Mo
Sales Director at ShenZhen E-Reach Import & Export., Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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ShenZhen E-Reach Import & Export., Ltd specializing in storage, distribution, pick and pack, receiving and custom clearance, payment collection, advance money and domestic small batch import, and etc. We can provide business solutions for the company who needs to trade in HongKong or do small batch procurement from overseas, remittance, receiving and custom clearance, and providing value-added tax invoice. We insured for both storage and transportation in HongKong, with professional delivery system, including special delivery, guaranteed security and speed, and with our service tenet which is Safety, Integrity and Fast as the criteria, we provide you the impeccable Hongkong logistic and delivery to reduce the actual handling charges and realize the mutual benefit.


Imports of services

Our company can Hong Kong receipt, payment and declaration to China, providing value-added tax invoices to the terminal services, professional resolve domestic small-scale taxpayers and the Hong Kong company's domestic tax delivery program. Declaration focused on cost-sharing, are small quantities of imported high-quality suppliers, flexible operation, small companies solve problems and Hong Kong companies in the import and VAT invoices.

Export Services

HK delivery

Division I since the purchase of multiple Toyota VAN light trucks, the territory can be delivered to your door. We take advanced mobile devices, the driver will return timely delivery status, customers can through our network system status of goods. We stand fight 0 delay, radical goods can arrange car special delivery, to ensure the safety and timeliness of goods.

HK warehouse

I Division I has 10,000 square feet of large warehouse in Hong Kong, Kwun Tong, according to customer requirements according to the number area, flexible card board member or rental. Warehouse equipped with advanced CCTV, air conditioning, wet and dry temperature controller, and a personal 24-hour shift monitoring, professional electronic components intelligent storage environment, so that storage is secure cargo.

Stock Financing

Express-warehouse outsourcing business to undertake, advanced inventory management system, professional transport team, efficient and safe.

Where there are goods in our warehouse Tuen can enjoy monthly interest of 1% -1.5% of the loan. Loan fast, without cumbersome procedures. At any time of repayment, flexible interest! Let your "money" is alive!

Purchasing Service

We can advance advance payment for the customer to the supplier, according to customer requirements and then shipped to the designated customers, collect payments. Currency conversion price difference can be based on customer requirements, freely convertible to solve the shortage of funds in overseas customers, and the payment of the exchange differences inconvenient problem. We can also upon receipt, customers pay cash checks, so that you can greatly reduce the risk of the customer's purchase, and more convenient age.