York Meng
York Meng
Vice GM at WaermTimo Tianjin New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
Tianjin, China
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WaermTimo New Materials Technology Corp., Ltd., was established in 2010, is an enterprise which dedicate to TIM (Thermal Interface Material), Nano-Material Heat Spread Film and Conformal Coating solutions and series products development. WaermTimo has strong technical research and development ability, production capability for manufacturing and operation. And it also can provide integrated, precise, professional solutions and customized products, materials for customers.


Graphite Carbon Fiber Serious


Wärm TIMO High Thermal Conduction Carbon Fiber Heat Sink can be used to produce the heat generated by electronic devices in a timely manner to prevent heat accumulation and affect the actual performance and life of the devices, but also can avoid the harmful impact for other components caused by heat radiated materials. And it also can control the heat dissipation direction to avoid affecting of other components performance.

Graphene Serious


Graphene heat spread film has great horizontal heat conductive affection, its thermal conductivity performance is better than copper, aluminum and other metal, and its weight is only 1/5 of copper.

Nano-Sphere Graphite Serious


Nano-Sphere Graphite Heat Spread Film has great heat radiation affection. It could increase several times thermal diffusion efficiency.

Thermal Grease & Pad


Thermal Grease is also named thermal paste or thermal silicon grease. It is liquid or cream type, and is used for small gap between heat source and cooling module. Thermal grease gives a mechanical strength to the bond between the heat sink and heat source, but more importantly, it eliminates air (which is a thermal insulator) from the interface area.

Complex Heat Dissipation


WT-5962 Nano-Spherical Graphite with Copper Foil Heat Spread Film

 Nano-Spherical Graphite Heat Spread Film has great heat radiation affection. It could increase several times thermal diffusion efficiency.

 WaerTimo combine Nano-Spherical Graphite and copper foil to have the heat spread film which has good horizontal heat conductivity and great vertical heat radiation function.

UV Conformal Coating


WT-5971 is UV type of VOC-free conformal coating. It is high transparent, high bonding strength, fast curing, low curing shrinkage, small thermal deformation, low viscosity and good for automated process. It is suitable for protective coating for rigid and flexible circuit boards and for electronic printed wiring board (PWB) applications, particularly those requiring abrasion resistance.