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Yongmei An
Director Marketing and Sales at Lite-On Mobile
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About Mobile Mechanical

Founded in 1975, Lite-On (Lite-On Technology Corporation) started as an LED producer and became a leading supplier in the global opto-electronic components industry. With its initial public offering in 1983, Lite-On was the first technology company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. In 2014, Lite-On's net sales were USD 7.3 billion. As a subsidiary of Lite-On, Mobile Mechanical Strategic Business Group (SBG) is a trusted global manufacturing partner for the world’s leading Communication Devices, Personal Care and Automotive brands, adding value through our integrated mechanical solutions and precision tooling. With our unique technical capability, excellent program management and precision tooling, we strive to be our clients’ number one choice.

Mobile Mechanical's service offering covers the whole life-cycle of our customers' products from product development to manufacturing.

Our core competences include forming, post process, surface treatment, decoration, antenna development and production and innovative integrated solutions. Our integrated innovations, such as Visual Metal Insert Molding, Narrow Glass Insert Molding and 3D Direct Printed Antenna, effectively helps customers to reduce power consumption, improve space utilization and to enable thinner structures and seamless integration.

Mobile Mechanical facts

Mobile Mechanical is a Strategic Business Group of Lite-On Technology Corporation

Employs approximately 7,000 people worldwide

Manufacturing units in China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Yantai) and India (Chennai)

Customer service centers in USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Korea and Taiwan

Before the company became part of Lite-On group in 2007, it was called Perlos, which was originally founded in Finland in the 1950's. A service brand, Lite-On Mobile (LOM) was established in 2009, and subsequently changed to Lite-On brand in 2015.


Mechanical solutions

Lite-On Mobile Mechanical is a global partner in product concepting, designing, tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and testing for the entire product lifecycle. Our customers benefit from short time-to-market, flexibility, and low total cost of ownership. We offer mechanical solutions and services for the communication device, personal care, and automotive industries, as well as carrying out customer-specific projects and manufacturing accessories. Our services are always tailored to customer need, regardless of the market segment.

Our core competences include forming processes, post processes, surface treatments, decorations, antenna development and production, tooling, and integrated solutions for mechanics. These integrated solutions combine antennas, plastic, and metal with the perfect balance of cost, logistics, form, features, and end-user benefits. With our high-precision tooling quality and excellent lead times, we ensure that performance and quality meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Automotive industry

Communication devices industry

Personal care industry

Our services for the automotive industry range from concepting and designing to manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

Metals and decorations

In addition to its high-quality feel and attractive look, metal provides rigidity and enables thinner structures. Our expertise in injection molding and metal processing results in striking products that integrate plastic and metal. We offer stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium, with various decoration possibilities, including PVD, anodizing, painting, functional coatings, laser decoration, and chemical etching.

You can find a full list of our decorative processes on our manufacturing capabilities page.

We have over 1,000 CNC milling machines, as well as stamping and forging machines for several types of metal forming. Our experience extends to visual metals, metal-plastic integrations, and laser welding and marking.

Please contact us for more details.

Examples of our integrated solutions using metal

Visual Metal Insert Molding (VMIM)

Visual Metal Glass Insert Molding (VMGIM)

Hidden-slot technology

VMIM enables thinner device construction by integrating a visual metal frame with antenna functionality. It increases product rigidity by combining plastic parts with metal decorations.

Our VMGIM solution uses a special macro-melt molding process to ensure seamless integration of glass and metal.

Hidden-slot technology allows antennas to function in metal covers by using micro slots, enabling greater freedom of design.

Plastics and decorations

Our state-of-the-art precision molding and finishing capabilities allow us to fully exploit the best qualities of plastics, such as lightness and durability. And by integrating two and even three different plastic resins – or materials such as glass – with the latest decoration technologies, the finished plastic parts turn into attractive final products.

We have nearly 600 molding machines, ranging from 50 tons up to 450 tons, and in-house tooling capacity producing approximately 1,000 molding tool sets per year. Every year we manufacture about 400 million painted parts using a variety of decorations, such as IML, IMD, PVD, NCVM, optical decoration, laser, and printing technologies. You can find a list of our decorative processes on our manufacturing capabilities page. In addition to our extensive molding and decoration capabilities, we have decades of experience in plastic CNC milling, printing, and manufacturing windows for the communication device and personal care industries.

Examples of our integrated solutions using plastic

Glass Insert Molding (GIM) variations

3D IML Touch

Our Glass Insert Molding (GIM) technology combines over-molded glass with Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM) technology to provide a thinner window solution.

3D touch technology combined with the IML process enables touch functionality in complex curved surfaces and flexible substrates, such as curved smartphone windows or flexible and wearable devices.

Antennas and sensors

Lite-On Mobile Mechanical’s vast antenna experience dates back to the birth of the mobile handset industry in the 1980s. We can provide truly integrated solutions based on our extensive offering.

We have three full-scale antenna labs in Sweden and China, with world-class R&D resources. Our antenna teams have extensive experience in concepting and designing a full spectrum of antennas, as well as a high level of competence in developing innovative future antenna solutions. Our solutions are all developed and optimized for high-volume manufacturing using the latest manufacturing processes. We manufacture our antennas in China and have a combined annual capacity of over 200 million units.

Our antenna product portfolio consists of all cellular bands including LTE, as well as complementary antennas such as WLAN, GPS, BT, NFC, DVBH, and more.

Our antennas are used in a wide range of products from smartphones and gaming devices to wearable devices such as smartwatches.

We also integrate antennas with sensors, as well as with other functional traces to products, thus enabling our customers to fully participate in and take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution.

Examples of our integrated solutions using antennas

3D Direct Print (3DP)

Cosmetic LDS antenna

Antenna for wearable metal devices

Our 3DP solution for antennas and sensors maximizes design flexibility, ensuring optimal placement and performance, and allowing slimmer product designs.

An invisible antenna minimizes space requirements. The antenna pattern is placed outside the cover – with no visible marks after high-gloss painting. Read more » Our antenna solution for smartwatches and other wearable metal devices uses layers of metal frame as a resonator. It is an excellent solution for both metal and plastic wristbands.

Fumod antenna

Hidden-slot antenna

Solid metal ring antenna

Our Fumod antenna opens up new possibilities for metallic product design. It uses the metal back cover as the main antenna and can be combined with other antennas to form a complete LTE solution.

Hidden-slot technology allows antennas to function with metal covers through micro slots with low visual impact, enabling greater freedom of design.

Our Solid Metal Ring LTE antenna uses a metal ring without any gaps or slots to function as both main and diversity antennas. The technology allows large displays and gives greater design freedom. Read more »

Helical-feed antenna

Back-cover notch antenna

Our helical-feed antenna is an ideal solution for devices that require a very small, thin antenna with exceptionally good bandwidth and RF performance. It covers all relevant frequency bands and works with both single and dual-feed engines.

Our back-cover notch antenna solution is a full metal cover technology for 4G LTE, main, and diversity antennas. The antennas are integrated as part of the metal back cover.

Glass and windows

We offer super-strengthened or ultra-thin glass decorated with 3D painting, coating, engraving, and machining. We combine glass with plastic to metal to bring strength and seamless design. The end results are highly distinctive and allow unique designs. Our glass solutions bring added value with our decorative and integrated offerings.

Examples of our integrated solutions using glass

Glass Insert Molding (GIM) variations

Our Glass Insert Molding (GIM) technology combines over-molded glass with Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM) technology to provide a thinner window solution. Read more »