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I.O.T workshop is a workshop to help YOU finish your Internet-Of-Things product with mature and cost effective solution, Promote to quickly realize YOUR Time-To-Market dream! We focus on IOT wireless connection,and provide hardware Wi-Fi/BLE/Zigbee modules with full software support to help customer finish their design work. We provides software customized service to save customer's firmware development cycle and help customer's products to connect to dedicated cloud service. We accept ODM service to help customter finish End-to-End whole product design work!......

I.O.T workshop target to become a CONNECTER, we link traditional hardware product maker to IOT service provider or operator. You can find off-the-shelf and ready-to-use smart things such as bulb, gateway, DUT,sensors, button, .... in this workshop and they are easy to integrated to your system solution. Also, we are very glad to help YOU sourcing and build any "SMART" things you wanted!I

I.O.T workshop is not only a e-commerce platform, we have experienced engineering design and support team (more than 30 people) to help you familiar with our product and speed up your development cycle.


(1) Wi-Fi Serial Server

RS232/RS485 To Wi-Fi/Ethernet [DTU-H100]

Key Features:

  • Support IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless standards
  • Support TCP/UDP/HTTP Network Protocols
  • Support RS232/RS485/Ethernet Data Interface
  • RS232 RS485 automatic switching


(2) High Performance Wifi module

With HF-A11-SMT module, the traditional devices or MCU controlled devices can easily access wireless networks through UART or 100M Eth interface.

Key Features:

  • High performance.
  • Supports Ethernet.
  • Sufficient Flash/RAM resource.
  • Easily extended.


(3) Low Power Wifi Module

HF-LPB100U is a Wi-Fi Module.

Key Features:

  • Sonic Configuration Technology.
  • Configure WiFi with Audio.
  • Embedded with MP3 and Wave Codec.
  • Supports Mic and Speaker.
  • Supports Audio Input (MIC) and Audio Output (Speaker) Interface.
  • Record and Play Audio in High Quality.


HF-LPB120 is embedded WiFi / Bluetooth combo module.

Key Features:

  • Supports Bluetooth for configuration.
  • Supports Audio Input (MIC) and Audio Output (Speaker) Interface.
  • Record and Play Audio in High Quality.
  • Supports Half-Duplex Audio Communication Without Delay.


(4) Lower Power Tiny Wifi module

HF-LPT100F is the 1st low-power small-sized embedded Wi-Fi module for smart plugs and smart lighting market application. DIP-10 package.


HF-LPT120 is low-power small-sized embedded Wi-Fi module

Key Features:

● Support IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless Standards

● Highly Cost Effective With High-Flying SOC

● Support Work As STA/AP Mode

● Support Wireless and Remote Firmware Upgrade Function

● Support Internal/External Antenna Option


(5) Zigbee Module

The HF-Z100A is a fully self-contained, small form-factor,

  • IEEE802.15.4 Zigbee module with low complexity.
  • Self-organizing.
  • Low power.
  • Low cost feature.

It is based on IEEE802.15.4 standard, can be coordinated to achieve communication between the thousands of tiny sensors that require very little energy to relay the data through radio


(6) Bluetooth(BLE) module

HF-BL100-C Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module is a high performance IoT module designed by High-Flying. It provides an easy way to connect to bluetooth wireless networks and a solution to transfer and receive data by UART for user devices.


(7) AC-DC module

The power supply board design is based on customer's general size requirement. Applied in IoT, smart home, etc.