Ye Zheng
Ye Zheng
CTO at Ruff
Shanghai, China
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Ruff is a JavaScript runtime specialized in IoT development. Ruff makes embedded coding easy and more efficient by providing HAL, asynchronous I/O, event-driven programming.

Our focus is all about making embedded development easy. In order to achieve this, we not only allow developers to build with JavaScript, but also provide a powerful platform Rap Registry for developers to share your drivers, frameworks, and libraries.

Ruff is an IoT operating system, coding in Javascript.

- Compatible with various hardware and has unified programming interface;

- Provide a powerful platform Rap Registry for developers to share drivers, frameworks, and libraries;

- No need to double-compile or go through another kernel development.

Program your hardware

Hardware abstract layer allows you to program directly towards hardware just like the way you do in software programming. You just work on your application without any complex hardware techniques.

Comprehensive Device Support

Ruff supports extensive variation of devices including sensors, cameras, LEDs.

Developer friendly

Write JavaScript code on your PC, application only, no cross-compling, no C code, no kernel development.

Rapid Iteration

Focus on your ideas and requirements, instantly deploy & run your application.