Yaoxuan Zeng
Yaoxuan Zeng
Global Marketing at Kiluck Corporation
Tokyo, Japan
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Company Website: Kiluck Corporation

ABOUT Kiluck Corporation:

New product development requests are always welcome!

In our work at Kiluck Co., we receive requests from Japanese companies in the home electronics and automotive industries, for example, to design and develop prototypes for new products.

We also occasionally receive requests from advertising production companies to develop displays for promotional purposes. We are particularly good at requests that necessitate both technological expertise (electronic circuits in control and measurement applications, for example) and creative expertise (design in figurative arts, and representations of space and movement). We often deal with motors, LEDs and sensors.

What we do is not only Design!

Kiluck helps every client to achieve the best of their original idea, so we also help for finding components which fits the project more. On the other side, Kiluck can help to contact suitable manufactures at the same time.

Services we provide:

  • Contract products design
  • Contract mechanical design
  • Contract PCB design
  • Consulting on prototyping
  • Mass production arrangement

To work with Kiluck is just as easy as you dreamed.

  1. Contact us and talk about your general idea.
  2. Start on circuit design and hardware 3D data making.
  3. Build up a prototype which helps modification and checking.
  4. Package design and printing.
  5. Push the products into the manufacture.
  6. Productization.


Available Languages:

  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • English