Yang Joy
Yang Joy
Manager at Shenzhen Babygo Intelligence Technology Company Limited.
Shenzhen, China
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Shenzhen BABYGO Intelligence Technology Co., Limited (BBG), is an enterprise which combines the designing, researching, molds, injection, assembly, testing, packing, and supplying of high quality products to OEMS since 2005.

Our company is mainly specialized in electronic Educational Electronics with books and Educational interactive toys. Since the company established, we are always following the mantra of " ALL FOR THE KIDS & FOR ALL KIDS” . Upon the supporting by our professional engineer team, we will keep innovating to help our customers to achieve their goal.

We got CCC,CE, ROHS compliant, Reach certification, more certificates are increased day by day.

Choose BBG, Choose a Win-Win business. Now and further, we will be your excellent partner.


Reading Pen


BBG Reading Pen which accompanies children to study and grow becomes people's good friend.
Abundant color, lovely modelling and comfortable handle make babies so delighted that they couldn't bear to put it down. Adopting excellent and safe material and combining the function ,such as repeating, translation, playing games, playing MP3, reading pen greatly motivates children's creativity and increases their study interest.

Learning Pad


BBG Learning Pad let the learning games together, laying the foundation for your future, HD is vision screensavers, learning no more harder. BBG Learning Pad is the most comprehensive teacher for children, making them love studying from early age.

Story machine


Story machine is children's good friend who accompanies them at any time. High quality story machine protects children's listening, drives their brains development and cultivates their study interest, which is beneficial to form a good habit and makes children grow healthily and happily .

Teach On TV


Digital multimedia touch LED TV interactive whiteboard simply converts text information into text, graphics, images, animations, sounds. Creating vivid, realistic and contagious scenarios. It enhances their interest in learning to achieve the best educational results. Thus a full-featured interactive equipment for students to easily interpret wonderful interactive classroom.

Video Story Machine


Video Story Machine brings children into a magic world.
Telling stories, learning enlightenment, full education, customized learning content, high quality speakers make children learn in a relaxing environment. Wonderful pictures and perfect sound enable them feel a beautiful world and joy of living.