Xiong Zhan
Xiong Zhan
Sales Manager at Suzhou AnlaiQiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Suzhou, China
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Our Suzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, the company is located in the beautiful and rich historical and cultural city of Suzhou, the company is committed to the DC contactor, AC contactor, breaker, relay, R & D, production and service. Products are widely used in new energy vehicles, charging piles, construction machinery, inverter, solar power generation, energy storage equipment, DC voltage power control and other fields.

The company has a highly qualified staff, with the continuous enhancement of innovative ability and the ability to improve the service has won the trust and recognition of the vast number of customers. The company continued to introduce domestic and foreign advanced design concept, through close cooperation with Southeast University in Nanjing and other key institutions, and strategic cooperation with Guizhou Zhenhua Qunying Electrical Appliance Co., established through independent innovation, the upgrading of products to the world first-class level, the development of technology and products have made a number of core patent.

Company focus on the quality management of the whole process, with a number of advanced intelligent, digital R & D and manufacturing management systems and equipment, through scientific management to ensure product quality.


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