Xiaochao Su
Xiaochao Su
Sales Manager at Yantai Wiscloud Cloud Computing Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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Yantai Wiscloud Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, R & D has a first-class design team, always adhere to innovation, embedded operating system, the company has independent intellectual property rights, Wiscloud Nebula protocol (Nebula automatic networking protocol), WisOS cloud operating system, provides the Internet of things, the world's leading computing cloud, game software and hardware products and platform service for the users, the main products are: industrial automation control equipment and cloud computing cloud computing platform based on core control; control equipment and automatic energy saving cloud computing cloud computing platform based on core control; cloud computing the core of wisdom Home Furnishing control center based on iWiscloud; the world's leading wireless environment and air quality sensor; wireless automatic network touch switch with automatic current and fault detection function; the world's leading non plug in multi people real-time Webpage / mobile phone game platform.

The company won the software enterprises in Shandong Province, Yantai City Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong province software engineering technology center, "Wen Wangwen", Yantai City Smart Control Engineering Technology Research center. The company won a number of awards of science and technology, has undertaken a number of national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects. Wisdom Yungu now has hundreds of software copyright, dozens of patents, the company "cloud computing the core protocol based on transparent transmission mode of automation control terminal system" and "cloud computing automatic energy-saving control system" to obtain the international advanced achievements appraisal, to fill the domestic blank; "2.4G wireless automatic network air PM (dust) content detection system" and "2.4G wireless ad hoc network gas content detection system" was the leading domestic achievements appraisal, to fill the domestic blank. Wiscloud has a large cloud computing data center with complete function, adopts the design of advanced network framework, telecom, Unicom, mobile Gigabit fiber access, the current storage capacity has reached more than PB level; CDN load balancing, realize the transmission data faster and more stable; different replacement scheme, to ensure that the data is not lost when a fault occurs, a a data center, remote data center will replace the work immediately, ensure that our stable service; a plurality of online intelligent high power UPS can provide 48 hours backup power supply equipment generator; at the same time the data center has dozens of minicomputer, a large number of high-end servers, large disk arrays and other equipment. Powerful hardware facilities so that we have the powerful computing ability, disaster response and recovery force, can provide high speed, safety, stable data service for users.


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