William Chang
William Chang
Sr. Manager at Chroma ATE
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: Chroma ATE

ABOUT Chroma:

Chroma has been the industry-leading corporation in Turnkey Test and Automation Solution field. Scroll down, and you can see the tremendous Chroma achieved.

Founded in 1984, Chroma ATE Inc. is a world leading supplier of precision Test and Measurement Instrumentation, Automated Test Systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems and Turnkey Test and Automation Solutions marketed globally under the brand name "Chroma".

Significant markets Chroma serves include LED, photovoltaic, Li-battery, electric vehicle (EV/EVSE), semiconductor/IC, laser diode, flat panel display, video and color, power electronics, passive component, electrical safety, and thermoelectric test, as well as automated optical inspection and manufacturing execution systems.

Chroma's vision is to develop globally leading products as a world-class enterprise. To achieve this, Chroma devotes a significant amount of investment and resources in research and development in order to produce exceptional products of precision, reliability and valuable unique test solutions for technology industries. To sustain as a world-class enterprise, Chroma nurtures its brand as one of innovation, continuous improvement, and globalization ensuring its leading technology and integration capabilities in optics, mechanics, electronics, thermal control and software provide competitive advantages and future growth for the company.

Chroma has branch offices in Europe, the United States, Japan and mainland China chartered to deliver innovative technologies with high value-added service to satisfy our global customers' demands.


Video & Color Test Program-

  • Video Pattern Generator
  • Color Analyzer
  • ATS
  • Electrical Safety Analyzer
  • Digital Power Meter

FPD (Flat Panel Display) Test Solution-

  • LED Lighting Test System for Production Line
  • LED Lighting Test System for Lab
  • LED Total Power Test System
  • ESD Test System
  • LED Burn-in & Electrical Test LED
  • Light Bar Test System
  • LED Die Inspection System
  • LED Power Driver Test Solution

LED/Lighting & Driver Test Solution-

  • Edge Emitting Laser
  • Inspection System
  • Package Level Test

Optical Devices Test Solution-

  • Inspection System
  • Automatic Loading/Unloading System
  • c-Si Solar Cell Tester
  • Automatic Optical Inspection System
  • TEC Controller
  • Thermal Data Logger
  • Hybrid PV Inverter Test Solution

Photovoltaic/Inverter Test & Automation Solution-

  • DC Electronic Load
  • AC Electronic Load
  • AC Power Source
  • DC Power Supply
  • Power Analyzer
  • Automatic Test System (ATS)
  • Electrical Safety Analyzer

Automated Optical Inspection Solution-

  • ATS
  • Battery Test System
  • DC Power Supply
  • AC Power Source
  • Electronic Load
  • Motor Test Solution - Safety Test
  • Automatic Transformer Test System / Automatic Component Analyzer

Battery Test & Automation Solution-

  • Battery Pack/Module Test Solution
  • Battery Cell Test solution
  • Automatic Battery Test Equipment
  • Cell Voltage and Temperature Measurement
  • Electrical Safety Test Solution
  • Battery Pack Manufacture Test Solutions

Passive Component Test Solution-

  • LCR Meter / Auto Transformer Test System
  • Electrolytic Capacitor Tester
  • H.F. AC Tester
  • Milliohm Tester
  • Component Test Scanner
  • Passive Component ATS

Electrical Safety Test Solution-

  • Electrical Safety Analyzer
  • Hipot Tester / Safety Tester
  • Ground Bond Tester
  • Electrical Safety Test Scanner
  • Impulsing Winding Tester
  • Calibrator
  • Automatic Test System (ATS)
  • Motor Test Solution

Semiconductor/IC Test Solution-

  • SoC Test System
  • VLSI Test System
  • IC Pick & Place Handler
  • Visual Inspection System

PXI Test & Measurement Solution-

  • PXI SMU/Power Supply Instrument
  • PXI Semiconductor/IC Test System
  • General PXI Instrument
  • PXI OLED Test System

Manufacturing Execution Systems Solution-

  • Sajet Manufacturing
  • Execution Systems (MES)

Other Solution & Service-

  • Electric Vehicle Powertrain Solution
  • General Purpose Instrument
  • Wireless Test Solution


Clean Technology Test Solutions


  • Model 61800 series Regenerative Grid Simulator
  • Model 63600 series DC Modular Load
  • Model 63800 series AC Electronic Load
  • Model 63110A LED Load Simulator
  • Model 62000H series Solar Array Simulator
  • Model 63200 series DC Electronic Load
  • Model 66200 series Power Meter
  • Model 61500 series AC Power Source
  • Model 8000 PV Inverter ATS
  • Model 17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System
  • Model 8000 OBC/DC-DC Converter ATS
  • Model 8000 EVSE ATS



  • Military, Avionics & Marine


  • Electric Vehicle Test Solution
  • 17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System
  • 17030 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System
  • 17200 Programmable Charge/Discharge Tester
  • 8000 EV OBC/DC-DC Converter ATS
  • 8000 HCU/DC-DC Converter ATS
  • 8000 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment ATS (EVSE ATS)
  • EV Testing - Mission Motors’ Battery Packs

Battery Testing-

  • Battery Test Solutions
  • 17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System
  • 17030 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System
  • 17200 Programmable Charge/Discharge Tester


  • lED/Lighting & Driver Test Solution
  • LED Simulating DC Load Module
  • LED Driver Testing
  • LED Power Driver Test Guide



  • Photovoltaic/Inverter Test & Automation Solution
  • Solar Array Simulation
  • Solar PV Analysis
  • Solar PV Testing

Power Efficiency Testing-

  • Efficiency Testing
  • Power Electronics Test Solution

UPS/Power Supply-

  • Power Electronics Test Solution