Will Wen
Will Wen
Product Manager, Industrial designer at Insigma Group
Hangzhou, China
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Insigma is an industry pioneer in cultivating China’s Green Smart City sector.

Providing key ingredients in space, capital, technologies and talents for industry development.

Founded in 2001, Insigma is an industry pioneer in cultivating China’s Green Smart City sector. Following the national strategy of Innovation Drives Development, building upon a university-industry collaboration platform, Insigma provides comprehensive solutions for the China’s Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Through its “Technology + Financing + Operations” all-round management and services, Insigma provides key ingredients in space, capital, technologies and talents for industry development, and has successfully incubated several publicly listed companies such as Insigma Technology (600797), United Science and Technology (000925), and hundreds of medium- and small-sized companies, in diverse areas including technology services, financial services, research in innovation, smart science-technology parks, rail transportation, energy and environmental protection, smart governmental services, smart businesses and smart living, doing our part in China’s City-Industry Integration, improvement of the efficiency of public services, stimulation of technology transfer of research results, elevation of businesses’ competitiveness and propelling of the development of the new urbanization.


Technology Services

Through the Science and Technology Parks, Insigma offers Technology Services that integrate internationalized university-industry collaborative innovation capabilities, and forms industry clusters and incubation. The Technology Services include industry positioning consulting, space planning and construction, project investment management, park operations, collaborative innovation platforms, and industry incubator operation.

Finance Services

With PPP (public private partnership) investment & management of infrastructure projects as the core business orientation, Insigma Group’s financial services provide core products including planning, investment & financing solutions, construction project management and project operations,and asset securitization. Additional products and management services include venture funds, science and technology parks development funds, via direct investment or creation of private equity funds.

Management Services

At Insigma,“Management Services” include real estate development and agency construction services for technology parks, commercial facilities and amenities at these parks, apartments for talents, and areas bordering industrial areas. Through the Management Services, Insigma helps local city governments optimize industry structure, enliven local economy, propel industrial upgrading of local economies, and improve a clity’s standing in the national economy.

Rail Transportation

Efficient and Advanced Rail Transporation System for Cities

In 2006, targeting the domestic rail transportation market, Insigma Group launched solutions for electrical and mechanical systems for rail systems.

Energy and Environmental Protection

Creating green city environment, building low-carbon urban life

Since 2004 Insigma Group has been in the area of energy and environmental protection, creating a series of products and solutions covering green-energy power plants, energy management system, air monitoring & governance, and water governance. Insigma Group’s energy and environmental products and solutions have been delivered to more than a hundred projects around the world.

Smart Businesses

China’s industrial economy has entered the stage of industrialization and informatization integration, and China’s enterprises are facing a transition. Seizing this wave of changes, a historic mission of Insigma Group is to best serve service-sector enterprises and manufacturing enterprises. For service-sector enterprises it is imperative make use of e-commerce in addition their traditional sales channels; while manufacturing enterprises need to turn the corner and bring themselves into the era of smart design manufacturing. Both types of enterprises need IT means, need to cut down intermediary, and become closer to their customers. The O2O (Online to Offline) model has shown itself a reliable approach to developing E-commerce for retailing and distributing companies, while smart manufacturing is the effective way for manufacturing companies to gain new competitiveness. The Xin Yun Lian platform created by Insigma has helped retailing and distributing companies achieve O2O, and manufacturing companies implementing smart manufacturing.

Smart Living

People’s lives and ways of communication are changing with the wide spread of the Internet, especially with the recent rapid growth of the mobile-Internet. Wi-fi and broadband have made people closer to each other; NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR code have achieved real-time exchange of information at a close distance; different ways of social communications make people’s interactions more convenient and efficient, and more importantly, enable the using of fragmented time in many circumstances. The Smart Living initiative of Insigma rides on this trend of the times. Built on a unified cloud platform and services, Xin Yun Lian Smart Living provides consumers with a number of community-based services, delivered to all kinds of terminals including smart phones, Pads as well as intelligent home appliances such as televisions and refrigerators. Smart Living achieves intelligent perception, intelligent connection and intelligent interaction through big data analysis, bringing about more customized contents and services according to users’ preferences and demand.

Smart Governmental Services

In the recent years, Insigma has been molding its strategic layout in cloud computing, and has gained substantial sector experiences and technology accumulation. For instance, Insigma is capable of providing city public operations with a one-stop shop set of cloud services solutions including massive storage and data applications through its cloud platform, providing with governments, enterprises and public institutes with cloud services such as IaaS, SaaS, and applications platform. These solutions push forward inter-departmental sharing of government services, integration of resources, business collaboration and coordination, and scientific support to decision-making. Therefore, the solutions help create a citizen- and enterprise-centric public services platform with government affairs informationization, and further promote interactions between citizens and governments.